teenage pregnancy

We usually associate pregnancy with a special and beautiful moment, but not on every occasion it is so. A pregnancy changes your life, and in the case of teenage pregnancy even more. They need our support more than ever, even if you don’t know what to do right now. Today we talk about what to do in case your daughter becomes pregnant in adolescence or if your child is going to be a parent.

It is a fact that much happens today, even with the knowledge and measures available to you on sexual protection. Thousands of teenagers become pregnant and will have to face many difficulties. Emotionally it is a brutal shock, both for the teenager and for the family. It is normal to feel a lot of emotions ranging from grief, rage, anger, shock, frustration, disappointment and guilt. No father wants that for their children, but we can’t deny what happened and is happening. Your emotions are fully valid and normal, you need to work on them to process what happened. You can talk to someone you trust or a professional who helps you overcome and manage these feelings.

Your child is also experiencing very strong emotions such as fear, shock, anxiety, or even depression. Her world is staggering, and her vain concerns about a normal teenager become very important and they can change her life forever. Having the information will make us better deal with this situation, now your daughter or son needs you more than ever. Good communication between you will be useful to make the best decision for her or him, without imposing your will on this teenage pregnancy.

If your child is going to be a parent, he will also have very intense emotions that outweigh him. He also needs his parents in these moments of confusion to be able to talk and lean on them. It is important that they accept their responsibilities, without forcing them to marry.

What options does our teenage daughter have with pregnancy?

  • Continue with pregnancy. In this option you continue with pregnancy and stay with the baby. It would be useful to analyse what challenges and responsibilitiesare, and what support is available for further study. Take her to the doctor as soon as possible to get the necessary prenatal help.
  • Give the baby for adoption. It is another option available, where the baby is given for adoption to another family. Research the types of adoption in your country and the emotional consequences it would have for your daughter.
  • End the pregnancy. Another option is to end the pregnancy so that it does not go ahead. We also need to analyze the emotional costs of going to your daughter for an abortion. For this option you also have to know about it in time, and many teenagers hide their pregnancy from parents for fear of disappointing them. In many cities there are associations specializing in supporting women in this situation, where they give you all the information you need to make a neutral decision.

Changes in the life of your pregnant teen daughter

The first changes will begin in life habits for the duration of pregnancy. You will not be able to make a life as a teenager, as you will not be able to party, smoke, drink, much less drugs. You will need to avoid excesses of caffeine, take care of your diet and get enough rest.

Prenatal visits will be marked by your doctor, where you will have urine and blood tests, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, and see if you were exposed to diseases such as measles, rubella or mumps.

Depending on the decision you make regarding the babydoubts will be different . If you continue with pregnancy, who will care for the baby?Will he have to leave school? Will the father participate in the baby’s life? Who will take care of the baby financially? It is important that you establish to what extent you can give help both economically and caring. Finding school is important for your future work, so you can access better jobs, and have a better future.

Because remember… it’s important that your daughter or son feel your support and be a person to be able to turn to.