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Deciding to expand the family is always an important step in a couple’s life, but not it’s always easy. In the act of becoming pregnant many factors converge, some of them uncontrollable for both, so often conception usually takes longer than expected.

Although there are always some women who are very lucky enough to get pregnant very quickly, it is not the most common thing. However, there are certain healthy lifestyles that can help increase fertility and thus the chances of pregnancy in the near future. Remember that it is a matter of couple, so both must contribute.

One recommendation is that once the decision to advance and form a family is made a visit to the gynecologist to confirm that the mother’s health status is optimal and therefore there are no risk factors that could endanger pregnancy. Moreover, it is really useful to take into account the period of ovulation and the fertile days in each monthly cycle. These are the days of the month when a woman is most likely to become pregnant and usually occur 14 days after the first day of menstruation. Fertile days vary depending on each woman, and it is appropriate to learn how to calculate when they take place.

If you have a more irregular menstrual cycle this calculation becomes more complicated, being advisable have sexual intercourse more often throughout the month. A pattern that differs in women with regular cycles. According to several studies, the ideal is to maintain relationships between two and three times a week, as daily practice may deteriorate sperm quality. A statement not shared by all specialists, who consider it possible to have relationships on a daily basis without this harm at all. It is also important to have patience and keep trying whenever you can.

Women who have previously taken the birth control pill may need to wait a few months until their hormonal cycles have been restored and the body is fully prepared. For faster conception, feeding is a factor that needs to be paid special attention. The diet should be healthy and balanced, avoiding ultraprocessed and highlighting foods with vitamins and minerals that help the body. One of them is B9 or folic acid, indispensable to avoid malformations in the baby during pregnancy, and can be found in many foods.

To a healthy diet you must also add the abandonment of bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco immediate until the birth of the baby, as it can lead to long-term damage. Weight is another factor that directly influences the possibility of becoming pregnant, so it is convenient to stay in shape and try to reach the ideal weight so that this process is simpler and does not pose any problem during the pregnant woman. On the other hand, some people recommend taking out health insurance, such as that of Seguros Bilbao, that they have various personal care treatments that help to relax and avoid the stress of this stage.