Teach children to write a letter

Writing a letter is one of those customs that have been lost since the arrival of new technologies. Today, children communicate by phone, WhatsApp or email, but in such notes, the essence of those handwritten letters is lost. Today World Mail Day is celebrated, and to celebrate it as a family, what better way than to teach your children to write a letter.

Because in short, writing by hand requires dedication, effort, thinking well about the words you want to use because striking is ugly. It is also a fantastic exercise for children to practice spelling, to learn to write well and more importantly, to find out how they can express themselves through their words, in a structured way and with all their heart.

What is a letter?

For younger children, talking to them about writing a letter is as if you speak to them in another language. The little ones of the last generations are not used to seeing cards, buying envelopes and stamps. That was something that was done not many years ago, but unfortunately, has been relegated by new ways of communicating on the Internet.

Therefore, before you teach your children to write a letter, you will first have to explain to them what that is. Because it is most likely that the only letter you want to write to your children today is the letter to their majesties the Three Kings. But most likely, children have never written a letter to another person, to a friend or a relative, but most of all, they will almost certainly never have received a letter in their name.

If so, writing a letter to your children and receiving it to them in their name, can be a great idea for children to discover the pleasure of communicating by correspondence. Surely they take a big surprise and receive that letter with great enthusiasm. Take advantage to tell them how much you love them and how important they are to your life, because children also need to know those things.

How to write a letter

The first thing you need to learn is that there are different types of letter, writing a personal letter is not the same as a professional. For the second they still have a lot of time, so better to focus on the beginning. A personal letter should be structured, that is, first you have to greet and start with a loving entry, for example, “dear mom”.

Then you need to continue with the body of the card, not forgetting the commas, points and punctuation marks in general. In that letter they should write their feelings, here you need to take advantage so that they find out how to get those emotions that they do not know how to explain in words. They can even add some drawing if it’s easier for them. Finally, they should say goodbye with affection and if they wish, ask for an answer so that the correspondence continues in time.

Write a letter, a special way to relate

When children learn to write a letter, they can practice with their friends, grandparents or cousins. In these moments of life when the way you relate has changed so much for COVID-19, correspondence with those people you love so much can be the best way to maintain and strengthen affective bonds.

Encourage your children to write letters regularly to their grandparents, friends and all those people who are so eager to see. Surely they will love it and could become a new family tradition. Remember that the best way to teach children is through example. So, sit with them, prepare some nice or decorated card sheets, some envelopes and pencils or pens of a different color. Having such special materials will be one more way to motivate children to write letters.