Supplements during pregnancy: tardyferon

Usually during pregnancy it is necessary to take some vitamin supplements, which complement the new nutritional needs that the gestation state requires. The most common are those that include folic acid, iodine and iron, all of them nutrients that play a fundamental role in the development of the baby. The latter, iron, undergoes a significant change during pregnancy so many women need external help to meet their needs.

Through feeding it is possible to obtain much of the iron and other necessary nutrients, although in many cases it is not enough. Therefore, the tests performed throughout pregnancy monitor the level of iron in the blood very closely to avoid possible cases of iron deficiency anemia. Something that could cause serious problems not only during pregnancy, but also at the time of delivery.

Risks of anemia in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the volume of blood increases by 40% in most cases, it is even possible to reach 80%. This is because the woman’s organism, in addition to having to fulfill its usual functions must create a placenta and if that were not enough, during the first weeks the baby will supply from the mother’s blood to distribute oxygen throughout its tissues.

A deficiency of iron in the blood can cause anemia in the pregnant woman, which depending on the severity can cause various problems in the fetus such as:

  • Premature birth
  • Baby with low birth weight
  • Spontaneous abortion
  • Death of the fetus during gestation period

As you see, the consequences of an iron deficit in the body can be very serious. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly go to your pregnancy checkups with your doctor. This will prevent this situation and in the event that anemia appears, put the remedies before the consequences are irreversible.

Iron supplement in pregnancy: Tardyferon

Tardyferon is a drug used to increase blood iron levels in deficiency states. This is an iron compound of “long-acting” as indicated in the package leaflet and can be taken in most cases during pregnancy and lactation.

It is very important that before taking any medication such as tardyferon or a supplement, even if natural, consult with your doctor to make sure it is completely harmless to you, depending on your conditions.

If you have to take this iron supplement, it is very important that you have some food precautions, since there are many foods that prevent the body from properly absorbing some nutrients, such as iron. When you are going to take the tardyferon, you can do it with water or with a little preferably natural fruit juice and citrus fruits, as they favor the absorption of iron.

Food: a natural source of iron and essential nutrients

Other foods such as milk, eggs, coffee or dairy derivatives act contrary, so you should avoid their consumption within two hours before taking the medicine. Under no circumstances should you mix this or any other medicine with wine or any other alcoholic beverage.

And remember, with a varied, balanced and healthy diet, you can greatly get the nutrients needed to stay healthy and your pregnancy progresses properly. Be sure to take food of all kinds, not forgetting about fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates or animal fats and proteins. The latter is the best iron source you can find naturally.

Because, although you can get vegetable iron in vegetables, vegetables and other products, the body absorbs iron from an animal source better. Take care of your diet during this special period, so you will be sure to provide your baby with all the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy within you.