copa menstrual colores

copa menstrual colores

La menstrual cup is an alternative relatively modern that can replace the use of compresses or tampons during menstruation. This system has become very popular in recent years, for its comfort and because it does not generate toxic waste for the environment, something that young and adolescent girls value very much.

If you want to talk to your daughter about this method, we tell you its advantages and solve doubts about whether she can break the hymen or not. But remember that she must be the one who tries and chooses her own method to contain the period, as you did at the time, and that she can use several at once.

Explain to your daughter what the menstrual cup is

copa menstrual

Every preteen and then with the arrival of the first rule, are assaulted doubts about what method to use to not stain the panties and contain the period. In addition to compresses, which are environmentally friendly, and tampons, on the market is the menstrual cup. As the name suggests, it is a cup, a container that collects the fluids of the period .

The material it is made from is harmless, such as medical silicone, latex or medical elastomer. And there are different sizes. For teenagers the Spanish brand Naturcup, it has the size 0, and Femmecup Lite and Meluna have a special menstrual cup for children under 16 years. Although the shelf life of the cup is between 10 and 15 years, it is most normal for your daughter to change it at 2 or three years, and buy an adult one.

If your daughter has decided on this method, because you use it yourself, or for any other reason, be respectful of her decision and, for her safety, buy brands that have health records. Online you can find some menstrual cups that are not certified for health.

Advantages of the menstrual cup

To start it is an investment, at first you spend an average of 25 euros, but in a few months you have already recovered it. But teenagers money do not care as much as the environment, and in this regard the menstrual cup also wins the battle on ecological compresses. For every woman who uses a glass, thousands of tons of waste are stopped producing throughout her fertile life.

It is hygienic, attracts less bacteria, because the silicone from which it is made does not contribute to the proliferation of germs. This is very important, it prevents the appearance of infections and toxic shock that sometimes produce tampons. It has no harmful chemicals or bleaches, and does not absorb or release any kind of substances into the body,

It is comfortable, adapts to the vaginal walls, and depending on the flow of the woman, or the time of the period, it can be worn from 8 to 12 hours. As a disadvantage, if we want to see it so is that when you change it you have to wash it with neutral soap and water, before entering it again, and depending on where you have to change, this process can be complicated. Finally, after the end of the period, teach your daughter to disinfect it, putting her to boil in water for 5 minutes.

Hoaxes about hymen and virginity

One of the issues of most concern to teenage girls is virginity. On occasion it has been read that the menstrual cup can break the hymen, and therefore make teenage girls lose virginity. This is not so. It is a little long to explain that the hymen, which is a membrane that covers part of the vulva, not the entrance to the vagina, can break in many ways, and many women reach adolescence without hymen even being aware. Not all women who have not had sex have hymen.

If the fear is about the narrowness of the vagina , there is also no need to worry about. As we have mentioned there are different sizes, but you may have to buy a couple of them before you find the one that best suits it.

As we told you at first , tell your daughter about the different possibilities and methods and accompany her in her decision, and the changes menarchy and puberty will bring about in her.