Makessudokus, mandalas, or playing tongue twisters can be very fun activities for children to do at home and peel off the screens. All of them have important benefits, they are simple and can do them alone or with your help.

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These three sudokus proposals, mandalas, and tongue twisters, come to complete others that we have suggested, such as crafts, theater, playing cards… The idea is that while at home they learn, practice new things and encourage them to overcome challenges and challenges. In addition, the child can practice them alone, in the family, establish contests with siblings, that is, they are suitable for all kinds of families.

Children’s sudokus, to develop logic

If you’ve ever solved a Sudoku you’ll know it’s an addictive hobby. It does not have to do with arithmetic, even though they are numbers, but with logic and observation. There are sudokus for children. The idea to which it is recommended that they start to solve it is from the age of 5, but there are also for minors.

Thanks to the simple Sudokus, the boy or girl will learn to follow a strategy. Completing a Sudoku forces children to pay attention. With them the child will have to think through basic sequences, and also have some spatial understanding to recognize patterns. You will have to make decisions when placing the tiles, even if they are wrong, which will provide greater acceptance and flexibility to your thinking.

Sudokus for children are rather puzzles, in which there is a block of 2×2, or 3×3, in the case of those over 9 years. Drawings in each box can be numbers, which will help them identify and memorize them, but also geometric figures and drawings. The child has to apply form, number, letter or color criteria and solve a problem. If you want to have more information about this hobbies click here.

Mandalas, relax and pay attention at once

Mandalas are for many boys and girls, especially the most creative ones, a balm. You can spend hours, literally drawing them. These drawings are almost always circular, but there are also animals, letters or flowers, and contribute to the relaxation, concentration and inspiration of the little ones.

In addition to these virtues, drawing mandalas encourages control and mastery of fine motor skills. This domain is a must for writing. Children will learn to develop patience, because coloring this type of drawing takes time, to give color to the multiple shapes and figures inside. If you don’t believe us, start drawing a mandala with your child, he or she will surely love that you do it next to him!

Different pedagogical studies show that children exposed for 2 months to draw mandalas, even in those with Attention Deficit Disorders, manage to improve their concentration and attention capacity. Hence it is a widely used tool in schools since children are very young.

Tongue twisters to improve pronunciation

The goal of children’s tongue twisters is to improve their ability to read or speak in public, pronunciation, diction, but your child doesn’t need to be lacking in any of these skills for them to like it. Tongue twisters have a double challenge, first read it and then say it. And kids love challenges.

There are different difficulties or levels of tongue twisters, and children can start practicing with them from infantile. In addition many of these tongue twisters have their own music, they are songs, making the child more fun and easier to learn. And if you are by his side to listen to him or repeat it together, double motivation.

With these three proposals, from Sudokus, mandalas and tongue twisters we wanted to give you options for those times when children don’t know what to do at home. I’m sure some of them motivates your children, but none of them should be imposed. Each child is different and will learn to choose what he likes most, the important thing is that we show him the options.