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Baby carriage

Although today we do not conceive of going out with our baby without the stroller, the truth is that it was not originally used by mothers to transport their babies, but as a fun tool for slightly older children.

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Nowadays, the baby carriage, besides being a comfortable means of transport for mother and child, we use it for more situations. For example, sometimes we use it to rock him before going to sleep when for some reason we are far from home and his crib.

Also, when the baby is older and begins to spend more hours awake, the stroller can be useful to have him/her close while we perform different tasks at home.

For all this and much more, the stroller is one of the first purchases we make as parents. Choosing one usually takes us quite a while because there are currently dozens of options on the market to choose from. That’s why we want to help you.

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Where to Buy a Baby carriage?

Wherever they sell items for mothers and babies, you will find baby carriages. This product is a classic and is one of the most sold, so you will find them both in the store closest to your home, as well as in specialized stores and department stores.

The only thing is that in the physical stores, for topics of space, you will find little variety. The smaller the store, the less variety. That’s why, in this case, a good option are the online stores. There you will find a greater variety of models and prices.

Personally, when I buy online I like to play it safe. That’s why, whenever possible, I buy at Amazon. You will find variety, good prices (usually the best) and an excellent after-sales service.

With Amazon, if when you receive the Baby carriage at home, it doesn’t convince you or doesn’t meet your expectations, you just return it. No explanations, quick and easy and without any additional cost.

Types of Baby carriage

Technological advances have introduced changes in the design and in the materials available for the manufacture of the baby carriages and today we can enjoy several types. There are even models that combine different features to suit the different needs of today’s dynamic mothers


One of the first advances was the reversible chair to place, with a simple movement, the baby in front of you or facing forward while you walk him. Today, this feature is available on many models.


They are carts that can be folded up for convenient transport in the trunk of the car, on public transport or for storage at home or at the nursery when the baby is not using it. Currently, rare is the model that is not foldable.

Two in one

Some models of strollers, admit both a stroller and a carrycot or bassinet to transport the baby completely lying down.

This is very useful for comfortably transporting babies from birth to about three years of age.

Three in one

It is a two-in-one to which a Group 0 seat is added in order to carry the baby in the car. This type is also called a 3-piece stroller.


If you are expecting twins, this is the car you need. The chairs can go:

In line: one baby in front of the other
In parallel: two baby seats next to each other

In addition, this stroller can also be used by moms who have recently had a second baby if the first one is still small.

Semi autonomous

Recently, a baby carriage has come on the market that does not need to be pushed. It has been designed for parents who love to run and want to be able to do it with their baby.

In addition to the fact that it is self-propelled, it is air-conditioned and can be connected to different devices to, for example, play music and coo to the baby.

How do you choose the Baby carriage that suits you best?

Besides the price that can make you decide on one or another option, it is important to consider the following aspects before buying the stroller for your baby:

  • The lighter it is, the better, for when it is your turn to travel with him/her on public transport or to take him/her up a flight of stairs.
  • Easy to fold and unfold. You will often be alone with your baby and must be able to fold and unfold the stroller with one hand, while holding your child with the other.
  • Washable. Ideally, all textile parts should be removable and machine washable. This makes it easier for you to keep it spotless.
  • Sizes and measurements. Make sure that it enters through your door and that it does not take up too much storage space.
  • Easy to drive
  • It is vital that it contains the necessary safety elements so that you can transport your baby safely.
  • With a front bar and a safety harness so that when the baby is older and starts to lean forward, he does not suffer any fall or accident.
  • That is compatible with your lifestyle and fits your needs and budget

The best Baby carriage brands

As we mentioned before, there are dozens of models of baby carriages, which also belong to different brands. Among all of them, three stand out:

  1. Jané
  2. Chicco
  3. Bugaboo

These three, are the most demanded brands when we talk about baby carriages. That is why they deserve special attention.

My favorite Baby carriage is…

Any stroller you buy from these brands you will not regret, it is a safe purchase. But for me this is the one I would choose

gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight

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