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If your son or daughter stutters, today is his day. Every 22 October International Day of Stuttering Consciousness is celebrated, to support people suffering from this condition. Remember that it is more important to listen to the child what he says than how he says it. Trust is the first step to overcoming stuttering.

We want to give you some specific exercises to work and help stuttering children at home. In another article we already talked about certain habits, and breathing exercises that can help you. You can find them here.

Exercises that stuttering children can do at home

An exercise that will help the stuttering child everyone else, and teach him to control his breathing is to make a balloon swell. At first you can challenge him to inflate it in seven puffs, then in five and at the end in three. You can also do the same with candles, increasing one every day. Another very fun game for children is to make soap bubbles, or move a ball down a table with a straw. All these exercises serve to strengthen the phonating organs.


sings with him different songs that have different rhythms. Once you can rapping and again dare with opera and rock. This variety of rhythms will help you manage your breathing better. Stammering children don’t usually stutter when singing, so you can record him so he can hear how well he does. Explain that this is because singing “manages” better the amount of air he has to expel.

Another way to work the rhythm with stuttering children is through masking. It’s about sending a noise into the child’s ear so that he does not hear his own words. You can also lengthen the words, especially the vowels, either in the starting, middle or final position.

More games for kids stuttering

You can play trying to touch your nose with your tongue, which is not a muscle and you have to exercise it. One variation is to put in and out your tongue without touching your lips, and taking it as far as you can. This exercise can be repeated up to 20 times. Engage him to interact with speed, faster or slower.

Other games and exercises that can be practiced with stuttering children is to imitate the sounds of animals, this will help to have greater fluidity, and stimulate the vocal cords. These games not only improve the problem but will also be fun for you.

As a family you can play to finish the phrases. For example, say: the child plays, and let him decide, almost without thinking how to finish it. The important thing is that you do not think about the answer, make it almost automatic. And every time you have to try to make it lengthening and increasing the complexity of the phrase.

Recommended habits in the house to overcome stuttering

When we are at home with the stutter boy or girl we must foster an environment of safety and trust for him. This same environment would be ideal for us to pass it on to school teachers and our family members. It is very important that children have their time to express themselves, that they do not want to run talking. We must not demand swiftness, or finish their phrases.

As we have commented earlier, fundamentally, stuttering children do not feel belittled. It is very important that we help you reduce anxiety while developing self-safety, for this we need to enhance your other skills. That the child knows his strengths will help him to strive and improve every day more.

Other recommendations we give you to improve stuttering is that the child sleep and rest 8 hours a day, do not drink stimulating drinks, such as cola, or spicy foods. Watching too many aggressive drawings or films usually generates a lot of tension. With all these exercises and games your child will be improving little by little, but remember to have a lot of patience and understanding with him or her.