Two pink lines can change a person’s life in a second. There is a before and after a home test and an internal revolution that appears when a woman discovers that in her womb she carries a child. The calendar becomes inseparable companion in the stages of pregnancy: everything you need to know accumulates at an incredible speed in memory, intending to retain as much information as possible.

Stages of pregnancy

This is because it is a new world that we begin to travel, a path we walked for the first time, full of special moments, with a body that changes month to month, week by week. Knowing the evolution of pregnancy is important for many women. There are others who, on the other hand, choose a certain naturalness when it comes to this moment of life. For the former, information is of paramount importance.

Stages of pregnancy, trimester to trimester

It’s funny, but from all stages of pregnancy, you should know that the first three months are crucial. The first quarter is the one that looks like nothing happens. No one notices the pregnancy, the belly has not peeled out and even many couples choose to keep the news secret. However, a revolution takes place inside.

Once the egg has been fertilized, the organism begins to adapt to the new state immediately. Hormonal changes appear in the form of symptoms, sometimes stronger and in others very subtle. Nausea, rejection of certain aromas, disgust, sleep or insomnia may appear. There are women who do not experience symptoms while others immediately warn the condition due to these alterations.

It is one of the strongest stages of pregnancy , because the organism is adapting to the new situation. Blood increases, hormones multiply and leave hint through these discomforts that are not worrying. It is important to maintain a good diet and hydration and to respect medical checks and first ultrasound.

Of the different stages of pregnancy, what you need to know is that during these three months the formation of the baby occurs in what it does to its structure. Since in the next trimesters the baby will already be formed, with all their respective organs, and it remains only for him to grow and finish developing.

Second trimester, a golden stage of pregnancy

For many women, the second trimester is one of the most idyllic stages of pregnancy. It is common that in this period, future mothers feel full and blissful, leaving behind the discomforts of the first trimester. While the hormone orchestra continues to sing its melodies, the organism is more stabilized and regulated, which becomes a sense of general well-being.

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In many couples, sexuality is fully lived at this stage of pregnancy and it is common to hear that women feel with great energy, something that begins to decline at the next stage of pregnancy. As for the baby, a more subtle but very important development appears: the baby’s eyes move, the sex of the baby becomes more evident, hair pattern appears, nails, fingerprints on the feet form, etc. The fetus also begins to hear and suck the finger.

Third trimester, the last stage of pregnancy

In the final stretch, the third trimester comes. Of the most hostile stages of pregnancy perhaps, due to the weight and new symptoms that are beginning to be distinguished. The baby already has a considerable size and tightens the ribs and belly. Heartburn is one of the most frequent symptoms of pregnancy, as well as circulation problems.

The baby kicks and stretches, already begins to have hair, detects light and begins to practice breathing. And it grows and grows accelerated – about 200 grams per week. It is one of the most difficult stages of pregnancy in terms of body movement while at the same time an anxiety stage where everything is ready for life to change.