Sporty Girls, ropa deportiva para niñas de Zara Kids 01

Sporty Girls Sportswear for Girls by Zara Kids 01

Sporty Girls is the collection of sportswear for girls from Zara Kids. The 2015 collection stands out for being fresh and fun, in which pink and black colors are the protagonists, although we can also find gray and white tones. I love it. In addition to having a lot of style, it mixes with great success the youthful with the childish. Besides, she’s very feminine.

Garments in the Zara Sporty Girls collection, ranging from size 5 to size 14, feature bermuda shorts, shorts, jackets, windbreakers, technical t-shirts, leggings, sneakers, sports bags, swim slippers and sports bags. Do you want to see the collection? Below I show you some of the most liked garments.

Sportswear and casual clothes are increasingly accommodated in children’s fashion. Nice clothes are fine, but it is impractical for everyday wear. Zara has many casual and urban clothes for kids, but with this collection she wanted to go one step further, including really sportswear, with technical fabrics and functional designs.

I’m sure you love it.

Zara Sporty Girls 2015

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