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We’ve all been girls and we wanted to put on some high heels. There is a tendency that we can call girls natural because they want to appear to be older, this could be understood within a context of normality.

But what if we start seeing girls under the age of 10 wearing heels? At what age could we recommend starting to use them? These and other issues are what we are going to talk about. But as we always say it is mothers who have the last word.

Consequences of wearing heels

We will not argue that wearing heels makes women appear a more slender figure, walks differently. Side effects, positive and negative are obvious, butat what age should girls start wearing heels? What are the consequences of wearing heels?

With heels, even if they are 2 centimeters high, the muscles of the legs are at a higher level of contraction. Although the girl does not get to be completely on tiptoe, taking steps forward the muscles do not relax as much as if she had flat shoes. Therefore, tendons get used to a foot that is not in full extent, becoming shortened.

Apart the posture of the spine tends to change, which in the long term can cause pain over time. Heels throw the body forward and to maintain balance the back naturally needs to be arched back to correct the position, which is why the spine is changed.

In addition, the weight of the body is not naturally spread on the foot, but falls on the metatarsal and toes, which are not prepared for it.
These are the physical consequences, but we would also like to note that there are other psychological consequences in which there is a “adultization” of girls.

Heels for teenagers

With this information we reach adolescence, where already designers and fashion have incorporated heels for young women. In addition at these ages girls already have the same foot number as an adult and can, in theory, use any model.

The World Health Organization, talks about the fact that low-heeled sandals could be worn from the age of 12. What does not convince us is why, as they say so that at 15 years his legs are already stable and he does not suffer to walk the waltz at his party. And yes, also in the early use of heels culture plays an important role.

In the heeled designs that are worn for teenagers these are usually wider and more comfortable, many of them wedge, in a lightweight, flexible material, such as cork or cassava. Another option that we are seeing in fashion, is high platforms.

Are dance shoes the same as high heels?

A couple of years ago the photo of the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise went viral, when at the age of 3 she appeared in heels. Many people put the scream in the sky and others saw it normal. They were dance heels, and the girl, with the permission of her parents, usually wears them. Without going into the controversy of heels if they are dance, they are for that effect.

This anecdote can be transferred to our country where some regional costumes wear heels as a complement. And there are girl’s shoes with heels. Ideally, these shoes are never worn, because they can cause injuries during the psychomotor and physical development of girls, even more so if they are 3 years old, but we can let them wear them in dances or in very punctual and short periods of time.

Recall that as much as possible, not to say all the time, girls, like boys should wear light and flexible shoes that allow the feet to move naturally and walk safely avoiding slips and falls.