Pregnancy is a unique and unmatched stage, which also brings with it moments of stress. Stress is not good, neither for the mother nor for the developing baby, so we have to try to manage stress in the best way so that it affects us as little as possible. Today we are going to tell you some techniques to relax for pregnant women.

relaxation pregnant

Emotions are full of skin during pregnancy. Preparations, doubts, insecurities go afloat and can distress you or stress you more than the count. Stress itself is not bad. It helps us to have energy to deal with a situation that requires it. But when that high level of stress is maintained over time (and more when we are brewing a life within us) the effects are negative. That is why it is important that we learn relaxation techniques for pregnant women, to learn how to manage those levels of anxiety and stress and that we can carry pregnancy as best as possible.

Relaxation Techniques

  • Breathing. It is something we do unconsciously to live and that is a great relaxation exercise that we can use in our favor. It consists of closing our eyes and concentrating consciously on our breathing. How air enters our lungs, how they swell, where air goes and how it comes out of our body. You can do it for 5-10 minutes. It allows us to focus on something in particular and get away from intrusive thoughts, and at the same time we manage to tell our body that there is no danger. Anxiety and stress what it does is make breathing faster to activate us in case we need to flee. Breathing slowly we tell him that there is nothing dangerous outside or inside, and we’ll sleep much better too.
  • Yoga. Yoga is a very good practice to relax and also stretch muscles, which usually hold on because of stress. There is even specialized yoga adapted for pregnant women. With these exercises you can do in a specialized center to help you correct postures, and then you can do them at home, they will allow you to be connected with yourself, more relaxed and calm.
  • Massages. Who doesn’t like a massage? Relaxing massages take you to the seven skies, and when we are pregnant we can also benefit from this relaxation technique. In your city there are sure places where they have experience working with pregnant women and have the pillows and stretchers adapted for these cases. Full body massages are not recommended, but we can do massages of shoulders, feet, arms and hands.
  • Meditation. With meditation we will take relaxation to the next level. Combined with deep breathing we will feel a sense of calm without moving from where we are. If you want to learn how to do it don’t miss the post “Meditation for beginners”.
  • Moderate exercise. During pregnancy you can also exercise, as long as our doctor does not say otherwise. It has one important benefits for both us and our babies, so it is very important that we do some sports. Do not miss the article “Can you do sports while pregnant?”.
  • Relief. Another technique to improve our mental and physical health is to talk about how we feel. Sharing our concerns and fears, verbalizing them, allows them not to have so much power in us and that others also understand how we feel. Feeling heard, valued and understood allows us to feel much better and more relieved.
  • Don’t demand yourself too much. During these months we have to leave many things prepared and sometimes we throw ourselves on a lot of obligations that are what create anxiety. Write a list of everything you need to do before the baby is born, set priorities, and share obligations. I’m sure family and friends can help you with a lot of things and take your job away. This way you will be calmer and you can enjoy pregnancy as appropriate.

Because you remember… during pregnancy you also have to know how to stop, listen to our body that is so wise, and put the brake. We’re not only talking about us anymore, but now also about your baby.