Orthodontics in adolescents

La ortodoncia en adolescentes

In the middle of adolescence, most rebellions is about creating the differentiation of parents and to experiment with the identity and opposition necessary to gather the power of self-determination.

When parents feel pressured by these acts of rebellion, such as breaking social rules, being with friends who have risky behavior. For example, to educate adolescents it is better to allow natural consequences to occur and to repeatedly provide positive guidance.

To do this continuously by making statements about the right behaviors, and making decisions that support constructive growth is necessary in rebellious adolescence.

Each time you do, they provide the young man with a new point of choice to cooperate with them. In particular, when the rebellion pushes harder, as is often the case in mid-adolescence, it is the responsibility of parents to continue to communicate a reference that will guide the young person on a constructive path of growth.

Teens need to feel some positive pressure in the right direction. They need guidance tirelessly, they should always be next to their children to support them in everything that is necessary.

The fact that they do not pay attention to what parents say and want at the moment does not mean that it is not worth giving a reference. Since the rebellion is often reinforced by peer messages, parents should give their constructive and positive messages all the time.

The son or daughter who ignored that address today may decide to follow it tomorrow. Why? Because young people know that it is parents and not peers who ultimately have their best interests in their hearts towards them. Your children will know that you will always want what is best for them, no matter what happens and despite who weighs them.