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Pregnancy girdles

During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes significant changes that can cause different discomfort that greatly complicate the condition of the pregnant woman. One of the most shared is back pain, caused by the increase in size, the weight of the tummy and the general discomfort caused by the advancement of pregnancy. In some cases, the specialist may recommend the use of pregnancy girdles.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that before using any home, orthopedic or pharmacological remedy during pregnancy, it is essential to consult first with the doctor who continues your pregnancy, which is usually a midwife or midwife. In all cases the same remedies are not recommended and therefore, you should not make use of them on your own.

What are pregnancy girdles for

Pregnancy girdles are different from the postpartum girdles, which you will surely have heard about them. In the case of the former, these are special girdles that ergonomically support the tummy. Its goal is to avoid discomfort in the lower belly and in the lower back, which usually causes an increase in tummy size towards the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy.

These girdles have elastics on the sides that adapt to the size of the tummy and their function is to reduce discomfort when the size of the tummy is considerable, for example, in multiple pregnancies. But they can also be recommended in other cases, such as in pregnant women suffering from severe episodes of sciatica.

They can also be very useful for women who have weakened pelvic muscles. This happens in women who have given birth repeatedly, so the doctor may recommend the use of pregnancy girdles in these cases. If this is your case and you have doubts about whether or not to use it, we will immediately talk about the aspects for and against pregnancy girdles.

The points in favor

  • Reduces the discomfort caused by the weight of the tummy. These discomfort usually occur in the pelvis and in the lower back, in the lumbar. Usually, pain becomes more evident when walking, sitting or standing too long.
  • In cases of multiple pregnancy, the girdle helps to sustain the weight of the tummy.
  • It helps to mitigate the effects of low back pain, which usually appears around the seventh month of pregnancy and is a problem that affects more than half of pregnant women at some point during pregnancy.
  • Relieves pressure that occurs on the hips by the weight of the tummy. This usually affects women who have been through various births, as their musculature is usually quite affected in such cases.

The drawbacks of pregnancy girdles

The use of girdles in pregnancy are not free of drawbacks, that is why we stress the importance of consulting with a specialist before using them. Among others, these some of the points against the use of pregnancy girdles.

  • Excessive use of the girdle may cause the muscles of the area to not work properly. At childbirth, the muscles may not have enough tone and cause problems when giving birth.
  • It can produce muscle atrophy, that is, loss of muscle tone or loss of muscle tissue.
  • If the girdle presses excessively, it can lead to contractions in the uterus.

Consequently, pregnancy girdles may be of help and relief in some cases, but this is not an element of beauty. If you want to use it and your doctor recommends it, it is essential that you look for a specific pregnancy girdle for that use. In no case should it be used to stylize the figure, since that is not its function and could be dangerous for the baby. The best way to mitigate the pains and discomfort typical of pregnancy, is by performing an appropriate exercise, in this link we will inform you more about this topic.