Home pregnancy tests can be positive, negative, false-positive, or false-negative, so when it tests positive you have to be very sure that you are really pregnant because otherwise you may think that if there is a dim line on the pregnancy test it is a false positive.

Positive pregnancy test

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (hCG)

For a pregnancy test to be positive, your body will need to have a detectable level of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) through the urine. If you have a blood test in a hospital the result is usually quite reliable, but in the case of home pregnancy tests, you should know that not all pregnancy tests can detect the same amount of hCG, so I advise you that if you have to test yourself at home you buy one that is quality and reliable.

How do pregnancy tests work?

Therefore, pregnancy tests measure the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone and secretes by cells what will become the placenta. This hormone is not found in women who are not pregnant and can be detected 8 days after fertilization. The amount of hCG present in the woman’s body doubles every two to three days so if you repeat the test later you will get a more reliable result. The hormone reaches its highest level around the 12th week of pregnancy and then begins to descend although it remains detectable in both urine and blood throughout pregnancy.

When is it better to have pregnancy tests?

If you don’t want to be testing (with the stress that causes as well as unnecessary spending) every other day, you better listen to your body and recognize the first symptoms of pregnancy. If your menstruation is delayed, you feel dizzy, low strength, you feel punctures in the lower belly… you could be pregnant and taking a home test is the best option to get out of doubt. But it is important that the test is not done too soon and that you are patient to wait for the right time to have a reliable result.

For the result to be reliable you will have to do it 10 to 12 days after having had unprotected sexual intercourse or after at least 3 or 4 days after you have not lowered the rule and it was time to do it (especially in regular rules).

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If you get a negative or too dim line, do another pregnancy test a week later. Try to always do it in the morning as your urine is more concentrated and you will have higher amounts of hCG (if you haven’t drunk a lot of water the night before). But it’s also true, that a pregnancy test can be done at any time of the day, as long as you haven’t had plenty of fluids.


After a miscarriage the level of hormones remains high even a couple of weeks after having it, so pregnancy tests in these circumstances can not be reliable. A positive result could be caused by a new pregnancy or because the hormone hCG remains residually from the previous pregnancy before the abortion.

Pregnancy tests with sensitivity

A sensitive test is one that tests you positive even if there is a very low amount of this hormone at that precise moment. If you have a pregnancy test too soon you may get a false negative or if you do it but you are taking some medicine that alters this hormone, it may also give you a false positive.

Sensitive tests will be the most expensive in the pharmacy because they will have a high sensitivity to detect this hormone in your urine. For example with a pregnancy test with a sensitivity of 20 IU/L (milinternational units per litre) will tell you if you are pregnant before a test with a sensitivity of 50 IU/L. Normallythe pregnancy test boxes are detailed the exact sensitivity of the test, so you can choose the one you prefer considering the chances that you are pregnant or not.

How is a pregnancy test used?

If you don’t want the pregnancy test to get a dim line that confuses you, you’ll need to do it correctly. Homemade urine pregnancy tests are the most popular because they are sold in pharmacies. These tests will detect the hormone hCG in the urine using antibodies that react positively or negatively and therefore show a certain color (the lines or cross of home urine tests).

These pregnancy tests if used well are 99% reliable. It’s very strange that a test turns out positive if you’re not really pregnant. Instead, if you can get negative even if you’re pregnant if you take the test too soon or if the test is expired.

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To use the test correctly you will need to keep it under your urine stream for a few seconds so that some drops can run into the swab so you can take a urine sample, that is, “wet the stick with pee.”

In a few minutes a sign will appear on the test that will show you whether it is positive or negative. Always make sure that you have read the instructions correctly before you start using the test, since use may vary slightly from one brand to another.

Pregnancy test results

Many women can get a weak positive result (with a dim streak on the test) because maybe the hormone is still appearing. If this happens to you, you can repeat the pregnancy test two or three days later to check for more accurate results. Although if you have missed a rule, you think you may be pregnant because you have had unprotected sex… you may be pregnant and if you have had a dim line is because your body is still creating the normal amount of hCG.

However, if you have had a positive pregnancy test but with a dim line and then after two or three days you repeated it and gives you a very clear negative, you may have had a miscarriage. Unfortunately, early miscarriages are very common (20 -30% of pregnancies can end up in miscarriage).

But if after having the pregnancy test several times you think that the result is not safe or that the stripes of the test are not clear or you do not know how to interpret them correctly (although it is easy to interpret), it is most likely that you go to the doctor.

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If you go to the doctor and have a blood or even urine test… they’ll tell you precisely if you’re really pregnant or not. That way you’ll get out of doubt.

What to do if your pregnancy test is positive

If you think you’re pregnant and have decided to take a test… and the result is positive, congratulations! This means that you are pregnant and if everything goes well, in nine months you will have a new being in your arms that eventually will call you mom.

But now that you know your pregnancy test is positive, you’ll need to know what types of pregnancy exist and do some very important things:

  • Tell your partner and share this joy with him.
  • Make an appointment as soon as possible to the doctor. Now that you’re pregnant, they’ll start medical checkups and keep track of your pregnancy to know everything is going well and in case they notice any abnormalities, they’ll need to do even more thorough checks.
  • Stop taking medications that may interfere with your baby’s development.
  • Bet on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol immediately.
  • Start taking folic acid and vitamins if necessary.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid those that can be harmful.
  • Watch out for cats until you get tested for toxoplasmosis (and depends on the result you should take precautions and more if you have cats at home. But with good measures nothing bad happens).
  • Share the news with all your family and friends!
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Where to buy a pregnancy test?

Can’t you wait to know if you’re pregnant or not? Then do not hesitate anymore: buy a pregnancy test from here, choosing one of the ones we recommend:

  • Clearblue early detection: This is a fantastic test that you can use only 6 days after the date your period should have started. It has a reliability of 99%, and costs 6.86 euros. Buy it here.
  • Babycolor Ultrasensitive Pregnancy Test – Set of 5: This test is so sensitive that it detects very low levels of HCG hormone: 10mIU/ml. But in addition, in 3-6 minutes you will be able to know the result. 99% reliable Get the five pack for 12,99 euros here.
  • Easy @Home 20 Ultrasensitive Pregnancy Tests: Very sensitive to HCG hormone, and easy to interpret, because if you mark a line means you’re not pregnant, and two you are. Get a reliable result in just a few minutes. The pack of 20 costs 8.99 euros. Don’t run out of him.

So you know, from now on you can test yourself correctly so as not to fall into mistakes or confusion. Do you have a positive pregnancy test? Tell us about it.