post oppositions

Have you ever thought about getting some competitions? Without a doubt, it is one of the ideas that have always been passed through our mind. But now more than ever it could become a reality thanks to Post Oppositions. Because it has many advantages and one of them is that you would have more time to enjoy your family.

Because with an official position in Correos you could make family reconciliation easier, in addition to securing a fixed job, with a good salary already for life. Isn’t that an attractive idea to you? Well, it’s your time for the largest number of places available. We tell you everything you need to know!

Registration period for Post Oppositions opens

Yes, the registration period is already open so you should think about it twice. As we have said well, it will bring you only positive things for your life and your family. Therefore, you need to know that from November 23 to December 2 the deadline will be valid, and both days included. So it’s the great time to get one of the 3,421 places that are available this year.

How should I register for the call?

We are already clear which days are the deadline for submitting the application. Well, registering for the call for Oppositions to Correos is easy. You can do the whole procedure online, so it does not pose any kind of problem. You will enter the official Correos website and once there, you will have to access the form. Once opened you will see that you must cover all your personal data.

Then, we have to select the place where we are going to present in the form of a province and of course, the position. When you’ve covered it, it’s always okay to give him a review because maybe, we can get mislead and leave something uncovered. At the end, we must pay the fees, which are also carried out online. The amount is €11.65 per exam without any additional unemployment discount, etc.

What is the agenda of Correos 2020 Oppositions?

Although it is quite similar to that of other previous calls, it is true that this year the digital issues have also been added, as they are being updated to the current times:

  • Item 1: Postal products and services (regular and registered)
  • Item 2: Added values and additional services.
  • Topic 3: parcel and e-commerce. Digital solutions. Diversification. Post Market.
  • Topic 4: Post Offices. Products and services. Sending money.
  • Topic 5: Admission Processes. Customs information.
  • Topic 6: Treatment and transport processes.
  • Topic 7: Delivery processes.
  • Topic 8: Corporate Tools (IRIS, SGIE, PDAs and others) Mobile applications.
  • Item 9: Post Office — Legal Framework, Organization and Strategy. Regulatory Bodies.
  • Theme 10: Customer — Care and quality. Sales protocols and customer service.
  • Item 11: Gender equality and violence Information security. Data Protection (GDPR). Prevention of money-laundering. Ethical commitment and transparency. CSR and Sustainability.
  • Topic 12: Digitization knowledge. Digital business. Navigation and digital identity.

In order to prepare the exam with maximum guarantees, from the official website you have available the updated agenda and all the resources you need at the best price and with all the guarantees.

What is the opposition test like?

There are two exams and one of them is for Delivery and Classification positions while the other is intended for Customer Service. Although it is true that they are very similar and in fact, many opponents present themselves to both. Based on this, we focus on the exam and on it we will find 90 test questions that are related to the aforementioned agenda. The remaining 10 are psychotechnic.

We can rest assured that every question we answer incorrectly will not subtract points. While each one we get right is 0.63 points and for the realization of it, we will have 110 minutes. Needless to say, this test is knockout, so if you pass it you will get to the merits part.

If you approve, then they will account for such merits:

  • Maximum 6.5 points if you have previously worked in Correos
  • If you have held a position in the province where you apply and with a maximum of 8.5 points in this section.
  • For being on the job exchange at Correos.
  • For having passed the specific courses that come in the call. (6 more points)
  • If you have a university degree there are 6 points for Customer Service and 3 for Distribution and Classification.
  • Languages can also leave you from two points to 6 more.

If after you know this information about Post Oppositions, you think it’s your time, then go ahead. Because you will enter a great process where the goal is to have a fixed salary, with holidays where you will have 40 days a year and a schedule that you can select both full-time and part-time. Being able to be more in the family, we also need it. Good luck!