Pasta is still par excellence one of the star dishes in the diet of the little ones. They like its taste and its infinity of shapes and colors. That is why we should not dishonor everything that the market offers us and take advantage of all its shapes, flavors and textures to be able to make countless recipes that we can eat the whole family.

Pasta recipes to make as a family

In order to make dishes that your children will like, we have recreated pasta recipes to make with your family. Do not forget that pasta is rich in carbohydrates and is essential in the development and proper growth of your child, something that is already marked as an essential component at the base of the food pyramid.

Do not forget that we have already discussed in other articles how to prepare a good breakfast, or how to organize a healthy weekly menuor healthy family dinner ideas. All of them so that you can undertake healthy dishes and that you do not lack ideas.

Pasta recipes to make as a family

Cupcakes de lasaña

cupcakes de lasaña

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This dish is a delight and you can see its complete and step-by-step recipe in this link. We just have to choose the already cooked pasta to prepare lasagna and insert it into the muffin molds, making a hole so that they can be filled. The filling will consist of a mixture of tomato sauce with minced meat and that you can culminate with a pinch of grated cheese. The finishing touch is in the oven.


spaguetis medusas

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This dish is still unknown to many children. It consists in introducing spaghetti into a few pieces of sausage. The idea is amazing, that the composition of these ingredients will make a fun way that kids will love.


  • sausages cut into pieces about 3 cm long
  • spaghetti
  • tomato sauce


  • We make the sausage pieces and take the spaghetti and cross them with those pieces. We put as many spaghetti as possible. They have to protrude on both sides.
  • We cook them until the pasta is at the point and we can cover with tomato sauce.

Spaguetis with shrimps

Spaguetis con gambas

This dish is spectacular. Children will be able to enjoy their spaguetis dish along with other healthy food that is prawns. It is not necessary if you do not want to pour any kind of sauce. We just have to put the pasta together with the medium frying that we have made in advance of prawns and thus get a perfect mixture. We end up giving a touch to this dish with grated cheese. You can see this recipe step by step at this link.

Pasta Salad

ensalada de pasta

It is a different dish that is eaten cold and will make many children enjoy the elements and vegetables that can accompany this dish in a healthy way. We can devise to try multicolored ingredients for children to enjoy their eyesight.


  • Multicolor pasta shaped like ties
  • salt
  • corn
  • tomato
  • tuna
  • pickle
  • olive

  • red onion (optional)
  • olive oil
  • vinegar


  • We cook our pasta as usual with a handful of salt.
  • We chop all those ingredients that need to be processed and add them to our pasta. We dressed our salad with oil and vinegar to our personal taste.

Macaroni and cheese

Macarrones con queso


  • round macaroni or called shark
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 2 cups grated cheddar cheese
  • 700 ml whole milk
  • salt


  • We cook our macaroni.
  • In a casserole add the butter along with the flour and let it cook over medium heat until golden brown. We add the milk and make a kind of bechamel trying to let the sauce be made thick. Finally add the cheese so that all the ingredients are mixed.
  • With the sauce already made we can put it together with the macaroni and we will have our dish ready.