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Painting and cards can be a great game idea to encourage language in young children. We are going to present you two activities that you will like and that children will have a great time.


Children love to paint and it is a great opportunity to learn about colors. It can be complicated, but learning to sort adds another dimension to vocabulary development. There are many different activities with painting. Try to paint with your fingers or print with paint. Painting a picture is a great way to help children express their feelingsto talk about the finished image.

Card games

There are numerous card games available that encourage vocabulary development. Matching couples, happy families… they’re just a few. Card games develop social interaction and vocabulary associated with the game. Before starting the game, check that your child has the vocabulary to use the cards.

Tips to encourage language development The

key to language development is interaction and along with interaction comes stimulus. Here are some tips to help encourage children to develop language.

  • Pay attention to your child when he speaks to you
  • Commend good speech and vocabulary
  • Help with new words by repeating them
  • Add phrases or words and increase vocabulary (e.g. your child says “my ball” and you say “yes, your ball is a big ball”)
  • Never make fun of mistakes: gently correct Repeating the Prayer Correctly
  • Use TV and Screens Sparingly
  • Check Your Child for Ear Infections
  • Talk about what you’re doing while performing daily tasks
  • Be a good role model

The speed with which children learn new words is amazing. They’re like little sponges that absorb every word they hear. What a joy to be part of your language learning experience!