Zapatillas de velcro para bebés

Baby Velcro Sneakers

Sneakers are best for babies when they start to walk, because with them, the foot is securely fastened, so it is very difficult for you to fall, and they are fantastic to start taking your first steps. In addition, this type of footwear is what really requires the baby to wear in the nursery.

Well, as back to school and nursery is just around the corner, I present these cool sneakers from the Nikebrand, so your baby goes to the latest fashion with their new sneakers.

In addition, these sneakers have a great advantage, and is that they have velcro, making it easier to attach and remove by mothers and educators. Also, it is very practical, to teach the baby to put them on and remove them alone, to give it more independence.

This model is flexible and lightweight, with multilateral traction, so the baby will feel super comfortable with them. In addition, it has a handle on the heel part to facilitate the fit of the baby’s little foot. Also, it has an eva sole, so that it grips much more to the ground.

You can find it from sizes 20 to 27 for a price of 24, 99€. It’s a great sneaker for the little ones back to school.

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