child behavior

comportamiento infantil

No, tolerate evil behavior is not to have patience, is to allow what you should not in terms of their behavior. Patience. Yes, patience is an important virtue for responsible parents in their toolbox for parenting. But believe it or not, tolerance with children has limits.

It is not a quality 24/7, constant or “essential in all situations”. Moms and dads should understand that there are certainly times to be patient with children, but there are other circumstances when they should not be.

Having passive behavior in the face of bad behavior will only make the situation worse. Being a passive or permissive parent does not benefit children at all. Sometimes we have to deal with the situation and set the limits on children with authority and discipline, always from respect and mutual understanding.

Parents who constantly look the other way from the child’s bad behavior and finally intervene with conversation, reasoning and supplication, are doing great harm to the child. Bad behavior continues and in a short time other children can not stand being near the little demon.

When should parents take off their patience hat and intervene quickly? Just look for bad behavior, demanding requests, headship and, in general, be a rotten friend to others. You as a parent should not tolerate such inadequate behaviors and talk patiently with your child. It acts quickly and firmly. And never, never confuse patience with looking away while your child behaves badly.

The other side? Moms and dads should be patient when they listen to their children talk about events in their lives, problems, or situations where counseling and problem-solving is the occasion. However, it allows you to share an observation: Many parents who “patiently” tolerate bad behavior and are totally alien to what their child should or should not do are quite impatient when their child needs an ear to listen. See, these parents immediately launch themselves to solve their children’s problem. Therefore, be the patient father, but only in that way will you benefit your children… you will notice the difference.