nerves in pregnancy

During pregnancy hormones are in full performance and mood swings are very common. They also get together with the nerves because everything is going well, and the new responsibility that is to come. This can lead to our nerves being leathered. And as everything that happens to us affects our baby it is important to talk about nerves in pregnancy and how to control them.

Pregnancy: exciting and intense time

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage, where our body is shaping a life. Illusions, fears, changes… are coming together in these special moments. Sometimes our thoughts, chores, fears and doubts can create a high stress that is not very favorable for our state.

Our nerves affect pregnancy, and may cause premature birth and complications that entails. This is because of the high amount of cortisol we release with stress, which can also lead to low birth weight and other complications in childbirth. Everything that happens to us during pregnancy will affect our baby and its development.

That is why it is important that we learn tricks and tips for our emotions and fitness to be the best possible. Achieving balance is possible. We just need to know how. Let’s see how we can control nerves in pregnancy.

How to control nerves in pregnancy

  • Identify your source of stress. We need to learn how to identify the source and also the symptoms of our nerves. It’s the way to help you lower your stress levels, and put a solution. We don’t all live situations the same way, so for you it can be stressful your work, your fears about pregnancy, your relationship as a partner, your family… you’ll have to figure out what exactly causes those nerves.
  • Talk about what’s happening to you. Talking about our concerns is a therapeutic way to reduce them. Talk to someone you trust about what’s happening to you. It does not replace the work of a professional but social and family support is important to feel safe. Go to a professional to give you the necessary tools to calm your anxiety and stress more effectively.

  • For pregnancy fears, find out what you need. Many times we are afraid of the unknown, of what we don’t know. If we know what steps will come and why, it will give you a sense of security and control. Ask your doctor all your questions to make you more comfortable about it. Do not enter pregnant forums, because not only will they not solve your doubts but you will see other delicate cases and you can worry much more.
  • Take time for yourself. Take advantage of this time available to you and do things you like. Go for a walk, take foam baths, read, meet friends, go to the movies… those things that give you pleasure. It’s the best way to keep stress at bay and disconnect from your worries.
  • Do relaxation exercises. Yoga for pregnant women brings a lot of tranquility and serenity, or you can also do breathing exercises or meditation. You will relax your mind and body and feel much better. Do not miss the article “Meditation for beginners”.
  • Disconnect from your work. When you walk out the door of your work, leave your worries behind. You can’t do anything else for today, tomorrow will be another day. If you don’t disconnect your stress levels will not drop. You must be aware of your limits and not force yourself, let alone in your state.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day. Rest is important during pregnancy. Our body is forming a new life and needs us to rest. Try to sleep your eight hours and also bring a healthy and balanced diet.

Why remember… pregnancy is a wonderful stage but full of doubts and nerves. With these tips you can carry it as best as possible.