Consumption of junk food in children

Consumo de comida basura en niños

All who are parents know for sure, that the educating a child is not an easy task. From good and successful education depends that the child is able to have good behavior and learn a number of values, which will help him to be a good person in the future.

Unfortunately, many parents currently do not know how to educate their children with everything that entails, especially in the long term. Positive reinforcement is a key element within education but not the only one. You have to know how to combine it perfectly with the negative reinforcement. In the balance of both is a good education for the child.

Reinforcement in children’s education

Reinforcement, whether positive or negative, will allow the child to behave in a proper manner in the face of certain situations that occur on a day-to-day basis. Such reinforcement is a key part of the education of children and if it is known to use in a correct way, the results are as desired unlike those parents who do not use it in a proper way. The reinforcement can be positive or negative and parents should be aware of their differences at all times and from there follow a series of guidelines when using them.


reinforcement Negative reinforcement consists in eliminating an unpleasant and aversive stimulus from the child after a certain behavior occurs. In such a case, the behavior is much more intensified by shifting away such an unpleasant stimulus.

The negative reinforcement increases the aforementioned behavior, while the positive reinforcement results in decreasing behavior. Therefore they are two types of totally different reinforcements. Negative reinforcement should not be considered as a positive reinforcement procedure. With negative reinforcement, behavior is increased, while with positive reinforcement, behavior is decreasing.

To make it clearer, we detail some examples of what could be considered as negative reinforcement:

  • Mary does the housework so that his mother doesn’t send him any more.
  • Sergio cleans and bathes the dog to prevent it from having problems with ticks.
  • Antonio lowers the volume of television so that his father doesn’t have a bad time and complains at all times.
  • Francis makes the bed every morning and this way his mother does not scold him.

It is important to note that in many cases, when applying negative reinforcement, the behavior or behavior of the child can go worse and worsen. For example, if you go to a mall with your child and ask you to buy something from him, you usually tell him no and it doesn’t go any more. But it may happen that he takes a tantrum and starts screaming and end up buying him something to shut up. The child before it will know that every time he misbehaves and screams will get a gift. You are therefore reinforcing your child’s bad behavior.

In short, remember that the reinforcement always seeks to increase the positive behavior of the child. In the case of negative reinforcement, what is sought at all times is to reduce the child’s improper behavior. It is important to find some balance in both types or classes of reinforcement in order to achieve good behavior in the minor. Education is based on knowing how to apply both types of reinforcements at all times. It is of no use to use the positive reinforcement if after it is not known to apply the negative and vice versa. Unfortunately, many of the bad behavior of children today is due to the rude education they receive from their parents.