Constipation in children is a fairly frequent problem. Sometimes, what is normal for one is not for another, siblings with the same feed may not go equally often to the bathroom. Everyone has his defecation patterns. A good diet rich in fibers, and a number of healthy guidelines, such as being hydrated or exercising, will help your children’s bowel transit.

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However, it can happen, especially with copious meals or infrequent foods, for children to have some episode of constipation, which includes a number of discomfort. To help you right now, in which children have constipation we will give you a series of recommendations and natural laxatives that favor evacuation.

Healthy habits to avoid constipation

Before giving you some recipes for juices, or foods that increase intestinal transit and are authentic natural laxatives, we remind you of 3 habits so that these episodes of constipations become something common.

  • Fiber and hydration. The consumption of foods rich in fiber, and water – very important! help the poop become softer, which greatly facilitates their evacuation. If the child is less than three years old we must be careful with fiber, because his intestine is slower than that of the elderly and excess fiber can cause too large fecal mass.
  • Physical activity. You have to move around and avoid sedentary lifestyle. For babies we can do leg exercises or massage their stomach.
  • Establish routines. Routines are very important for children, and going to the toilet should be one of them. Get used to sitting on the potty or toilet for a while every day. And teach him to listen to his needs, if he wants to poop that can’t stand.

Natural fruit based laxatives

Fruit juices are one of the best alternatives as natural laxatives. One recommendation is to include certain seeds, such as chia, hemp or sesame. And also includes fruit with peel, well washed, because here is the bulk of fiber, and therefore enhances the laxative effect.

  • Orange and kiwi juice. This powerful juice provides a lot of fiber, vitamin C and moisturizes. Its preparation is very simple, you need an orange more than kiwi. That is 4 oranges for 3 kiwis. Squeeze the oranges, without seeds, add the pieces of kiwi, and pass it all through the blender.
  • This same smoothie you can do with kiwi and green apple. Don’t add sugar to it, because the fruit has it by itself.
  • Plum juice is another of the classic and effective natural laxatives. This remedy is not immediate, nor is the previous one. Plum juice takes about 4 to 5 hours to take effect. This remedy is recommended from 6 months.

Other natural laxatives

Dates with honey are highly recommended as a remedy for constipation for children older than 1 year. Add 2 or 3 dates, without seed, to a glass of milk and bring to a boil for a few minutes on low heat. When warm give it to the child before going to bed to sleep.

This same recipe can be made with raisins, but change the time to use it. You’ll have to leave the raisins soaked in milk all night. Then the hivres with milk, and when they have cooled give it to the child in the morning, on an empty stomach. Raisins, in addition to being a natural laxative, are an important source of minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Tomato can not be missing in natural laxatives. You will have to boil it in water, with skin and well washed. When fully cooked, extract the juice, separate the skin and filter the seeds. With 3 or 4 tablespoons of this concentrate to the child once a day, for several days it should be enough to improve his constipation.

All these recommendations are based on foods that act as natural laxatives, but if the child’s constipation is chronic we recommend that you consult with the pediatrician. That way you will rule out possible complications.