What is it like to be a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian or vegan is fashionable, through the Internet and social networks, this way of life has gained strength in society. Being teenagers one of the main sources of users of such platforms, it is no wonder that more and more young people want to adopt this type of life. Without having to be a problem, wanting to be a vegetarian can be a cause of fashion or wanting to imitate a recognized member of social networks.

That in any case, is a mistake that must be dealt with and corrected. Mainly because being a vegetarian is not a simple matter of food, it is more a way of life respectful with animals and these are present in many areas. Although more and more companies advocate cruelty-free manufacturing and research, it is important to know and know what is being a vegetarian before making such a decision, especially when it comes to children and adolescents.

What is it like to be a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian means following a diet based on plant food, thus eliminating animal food from the diet. There are different types of vegetarian feeding, since some people only remove meat from their diet, and others – any kind of animal product. In any case, this type of food must be very controlled so that the body does not suffer from the deficiencies of proteins, vitamins and other substances obtained from the animal product. Especially if it is a young person or a teenager who wants to follow this type of diet.

These are the types of vegetarian diet that exist today:

  • Vegan or Strict Vegetarian: Veganseliminate any animal food from their diet . Derivatives such as milk, honey or eggs are also included here.
  • Apivegetarianism: The diet is the same as that of vegans, but in this casehoney is included.
  • Egg vegetarianism: In this case,eggs and milk are consumed, but no derivative thereof.
  • Lactovegetarianism: They do not consume animal food, nor eggs, but in this casemilk is consumed.
  • Ovolactovegetarianism: This is the most common form ofvegetarian diet in Western society. In this case, animals are not consumed but products of animal origin, such as milk, eggs or honey, are taken.

What to do if my child wants to be a vegetarian?

Kids are very vulnerable to Internet and television fashions. If one day your reference influencer says he has become a vegetarian, thousands of young people will most likely want to follow the same steps. The problem is that teenagers are not aware that in most cases, this is something temporary. For boys and girls who are growing, removing any nutrient from their diet can seriously impair their development.

Therefore, it is essential that before you make any decisions, you have a serious talk with your son or daughter. First, you need to find out what is the reason you want to change your eating habits . Help your child investigate everything about the issue, so that in any case they can make a thoughtful and adult decision. If the child is old enough and is really aware of what it involves making this decision, it is preferable to accompany him.

This way, you can make sure that you eat properly and that you do not suffer any kind of nutritional deficiency. Go to your doctor regularly and ask you to perform the relevant tests from time to time. In most cases, children want to make some similar change is usually a matter of fashions that end sooner or later.

But it is also possible that it is a conviction, that after investigating, the boy is aware that it is possible to lead another kind of life. In this case, you should not interfere with your child’s beliefs and choices, as they will be showing you a great personality and a great natural commitment.