There are many people who do not know how to live without a microwave. And just let’s recognize it, it’s an important lifesaver in the kitchen. Whether you decide or not to have it, we have to tell you that the WHO ensures that the radiations emitted by microwaves are non-ionizing, therefore no son peligrosas.

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They also do not destroy nutrients and there is less loss of vitamins when cooking it.

But beyond this, the interesting thing about microwave is that it can be a way for your kids to get closer to the world of cooking. Cooking with them is a very fun activity and with the microwave, also safe. We give you some recipes and tips on using this appliance.

Roasted potatoes in the microwave

Who doesn’t like potatoes or potatoes that are also called that? This recipe can be done in 5 minutes, it is very simple and do not carry any risk . We need 1 medium potato per person, olive oil, fat salt, sweet paprika, garlic powder and water.

The first thing is to wash the potatoes very well, because we will cook them with the skin. We cut them to the longest half, and make a few shallow cuts with the knife, above, on the side of the meat. We didn’t get to the end. In a container with a lid, we put half a glass of water and potatoes with the peel down. In each half of the potato we pour 1 tablespoon of oil, salt, paprika and garlic powder. We cover the bowl and cook for 8 minutes to the maximum. After this time if the potato is still hard we can add a couple more minutes.

You and your children can vary the spices according to each taste, and make a rosemary potato, parsley, dried oregano, black pepper, oil with cayenne. Fresh herbs also do very well, but that when they are already cooked. And of course, to serve them everyone who chooses his sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, green sauce, soy, barbecue, sour sauce…

Recipe for roasted chicken in the microwave

Chicken loves children, and it is also low in fat. We recommend that you buy the corral or organic ones, without hormonal treatment. To prepare this chicken we will use chicken thighs. In addition we need onion, lemon, oil, parsley, black pepper and salt.

First you have to chop the onion very thin and put it in a dish or bowl suitable for the microwave. Then we water it with oil and pepper. We put this in the microwave, covered for about 3 or 4 minutes at maximum power. While this is cooking, we’ll salt the chicken thighs.

When the onion is ready we put on top the 2 chicken thighs, a little salt, and pour the juice of half a lemon. If we want also add parsley now. There are people who leave the skin, in this case we recommend you to remove it, but as you want. We will put the dish again, covered, at maximum power for 4 minutes. Then we take it out and turn it around.

In general it is not necessary to water again with lemon and oil, but if you see that it has fallen dry, do it again. Repeat the operation. If you have left the skin and your microwave has a grill you can put it 3 more minutes in this function. The most amazing thing about this recipe so easy and what you can do with children is that it smells like in the shops of roasted chickens.

Lollipops of one, two or three chocolates

And after these appetizing recipes what better than a dessert! How about chocolate lollipops? We can make them out of one, two or three chocolates. We recommend choosing black, such as making a la la mug, white and chocolate noodles, for the choice of three. And if not, you can make them one.

In 2 microwave-safe containers or one at a time, we will melt dark and white chocolate . Just chocolate, we want the lollipop to be crispy when it cools down.

When the chocolate is melted, on a tray with baking paper, we will make circles with black. And we put on him a lollipop stick. With white chocolate we do the same, putting it on top and making sure that it covers the stick. The stick should be inside the dark and white chocolate. When it has solidified a little, on one side we put the third chocolate, the noodles. We’ll wait long enough, we have to be patient, we’ll take off the pñirullets and… eat!