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Yesterday it was six months since the first state of alarm was declared. On 12 March, physical libraries were closed and all planned activities were suspended. Despite the fact that we look at autumn with some fear, libraries are again open, but we have had to get used to new rules of operation.

Public libraries, and school libraries, continue to have the fundamental role to support the community, and to propose sufficient encouragement to create the necessary literacy base for the entire population. So, despite the discomforts, don’t forget to take your children to libraries.

Animation to read in libraries

Municipal and regional libraries are resuming their activities, among which the animation to reading stands out. Almost all of them continue to divide book clubs, literary gatherings or creative writing workshops by age. Many of these activities will not be carried out in person but through electronic channels, such as Youtube or other platforms and applications. For example, through videoconferencing with Jitsi Meet…

Now, to attend an event, you will have to book a place. The capacity will be much more limited. Mask must be used and the distance of 1.5 meters between participants will be maintained. Depending on where the library is in, it may need to be closed. There are libraries that have provided for a sweepstakes system when many demands are received for attending an activity.

In children’s activities, from three to sixth years of primary education, they continue to bet on storytelling. And book clubs are still going for everyone, so don’t deprive your kids of commenting on their favorite books and comics. In addition, in different libraries, the Bibliojoven Club is launched, online, for young people from 12 years old who like to read, write and technology.

Health security protocol followed by libraries

To keep you quiet when it comes to taking your child to a library, we tell you that there are a minimum of measures that all libraries, even if they are neighborhood ones, are taking since their opening. Let’s say that this is a minimum protocol, and that depending on the municipality, or the autonomous community to which they belong it is extended. School libraries, in most schools remain closed, or the space is used as classrooms, but there are also exceptions.

Disinfection and cleaning of libraries, buildings, furniture, work equipment and collections following the recommendations of the health authorities. It will be constant and more often throughout the day. It is necessary to take into account the disinfection of the materials that are lent.

The standards of behavior, hygiene and health of library staffhave been defined. Rules ranging from limiting interaction between peers and users, wearing gloves and disposable masks daily, using hydroalcoholic gels… Access has been limited in most libraries, so libraries have to communicate what services are available. So find out well about which one has the closest home.

Ideas for libraries to work better

Escuelas online

There are many things that can be done from libraries, which have been adapted to continue to carry out the work of animation to reading and others. We tell you some ideas that are already carried out:

Provide audiobooks to sick or older people, which by their characteristics are deprived of often going out to the street. This loan can be made by courier and can be extended to paper books.

Through the internet and in a simple and enjoyable way, some librarians, and librarians, are sharing personalized tutorials and courses, to teach video calls, applications, digital security, video editing. In this regard, as a reliable source, libraries could have a Youtube channel, with reliable health news and solve common doubts.

The idea that transcends all these examples is that libraries do not close services, but rather create a strategy to meet the needs that society is currently having. It should be easy and easy to do tasks, on the part of the user, user, such as registering, booking workshops, rooms, reading stations…