kung fu panda

Kung Fu is one of the most complete and well-known martial arts in the West . As we have known it has the meaning of traditional Chinese martial art, no more. However, in China is also added an interesting meaning “mastery”, being outstanding in something, trade, profession, etc., it is said “to have a good kung fu”.

If your son or daughter shows interest in this martial art, encourage him to practice it, it is 100% recommended for children from the age of 4, and for everyone, they are the age they are. Nunac is late to start, so you want to join him. Cheer up!

Little story of Kung Fu

If your child has watched Kung Fu Panda or any martial art film and wants to sign up for classes we tell you where this millennial practice, which is born around the fifth centurycomes from. The golden era is in the 16th century. We can say that in the West Kung Fu came to us in the 1970s through Bruce Lee, who, on the other hand, was very controversial among the purists of Kung Fu. He mime created a personal style, which comes from a traditional style: the Wing Chun.

If we want to focus on a location we can say that Kung Fu has its origin in the North Shaolin and South Shaolin monasteries , both founded by Bodhi Dharma and inhabited by Buddhist warrior monks, although there are also some styles of Kung Fu of Taoist origin.

Kung Fu is directly related to Tai Chi Chuan, and in it we can find external styles, which are the best known and popular, and internal styles such as Chi Kung. Kung Fu styles are mostly inspired by the movements of some animals such as dragon, tiger, leopard, snake, monkey, crane, mantis…

Features that any Kung Fu school should have

Before you sign your child to a school or association of this martial art check your lineage, this is a prerequisite for quality and truthful teaching. Maintaining the traditional of different styles. The styles that have reached us to this day, if it is a good school, will remain so genuinos and authentic as in their origin.

Having lineage means that several generations of teachers have in turn taught sifu (teacher who will teach your son, or daughter, and transmit the teachings). Also check that the school or association belongs to a federation.

In practice, it must be a traditional education system in which the boy or girl will be properly trained at the mental and physical level. It will create values applicable to everyday life: such as a sense of duty, perseverance, discipline, respect, companionship, self-improvement… in general balance.

Styles that can be practiced

In Spain, including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands there are several Kung Fu federations and associations. The most common styles we can find in our cities are:

  • Wing Chun. One of the best known styles. It is also a South China style. It is ideal for getting started in Kung Fu, as it has only 6 shapes, which are 2 empty hand, one wooden doll, and 2 traditional weapon shapes. The use of these weapons is only for display.
  • Choy Li Fut. It also consists of a South style in which fists and grips and projections predominate , accompanied by leg work, with 70% importance. It is a long style, this means more than 10 years of learning, with 200 different ways of fighting, which includes traditional weapons, which as in the Wing Chun, is only used in workouts and exhibitions.
  • Hung Gar. It’s another South style. The feature is that they are positions with the body very low, which is ideal for strengthening children’s legs.
  • Shaolin Quan is the most common example of North China’s Kung Fu. In this style, the most acrobatic of all, is used a lot of leg, jumps and flips. Your kids can see a sample of this style in some Jet Li movies.