Saco de dormir para bebés de Ikea

Ikea Baby Sleeping Bag

Now with the temperature changes this spring it is very common for children to catch some other mild or constipated cold. This is because in the evenings he makes optimal temperatures where the baby can resist with a sleeve and his cardigan, however, the nights are very unfortunate.

Humidity and low temperatures are still maintained at this time of year, and even more so inside the houses, so it is advisable that babies do not get much disshelter at this time. However, if your baby has excessive sweating, this sleeping bag is good for you.

This sleeping bag is great for babies to maintain body temperature without going through any cold. This replaces the bedding, so you don’t worry that it will uncover while you sleep as it maintains a comfortable temperature.

It is very easy and practical to use uesto consisting of a long zipper so that the child can be inserted and removed delicately and easily. It is also a fantastic accessory for when you take it out on a trip or going to give it the bottle.

It is recommended for babies between 6 and 18 months. Its fabric is 100% cotton, and its 100% polyester filling to provide that warm and optimal temperature for the baby.

Price — 17, 99€.

Source — Ikea