Ideas for healthy family dining

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for every person but if there are also children at home, then much more. Do you know anything about healthy eating? To begin with, at the base of the pyramid are vegetables and fruits, followed by cereals, then proteins, and finally carbohydrates and sweets. To follow this line, I bring you a series of ideas for healthy family dinner that will help you prepare a rich menu, incorporating the necessary nutrients for the kids to grow healthy and strong.

How many of you have heard about children who refuse vegetables? They barely see something green on the plate they refuse it without even trying it. I think that much of the issue is summed up to the possibility of incorporating certain healthy eating habits from children so that they are then accustomed to different flavors.

Healthy and rich dinners

Preparing dinner daily is already a complicated task, preventing children from getting bored, incorporating various foods, coordinating the routine with the rest of the household chores… What a tiredness! But there are easy and healthy recipes for children that you can incorporate at dinner time with your family. The important thing is that they are pleasing to the eye so that children do not refuse them.

What child does not enjoy a potato omelet? There is no Spanish child who denies it but in addition to the classic potato omelet it is possible to incorporate all kinds of vegetables by adding others such as carrots, zucchini, onions, spinach, chard, broccoli, etc. In the beginning you can combine potatoes with another vegetable or encourage an omelet with lots of eggs and an alternative vegetable. Ideas for healthy dinners are left over, you just have to encourage yourself to innovate.

Pies can also be from the departure. You can add protein by preparing tuna or chicken cakes. Preparation also includes onions, peppers and, any other vegetable you want. It is one of the healthy family dinners that you can also organize, accompanying the cake with salad, rice with butter and egg or baked potatoes. A secret to making the cake tastier and kids love it? Add a lot of cheese and/or cream.

Simple dishes, sane scenes

If your child is one of those who want to eat noodles every day, there are many ideas for healthy family dinner taking home pasta as an axis. You can try with homemade ravioli, spinach gnoquis, beets or pumpkin, chicken sorrento or vegetarian lasagna. Pastas allow you to play with all kinds of fillings. Once again, one of the great secrets is to add enough Parmesan cheese to give more flavor to the fillings.

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Keep in mind that cooking healthy dinners with children is also a shared activity that provides a playful space to play and, at the same time, get closer to different flavors and textures. In addition, children like to try the dishes they have prepared so they are more likely to want to eat this menu.

On the other hand, you can accompany with a delicious meat stew so that the dose of protein necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced children’s diet is covered.

Fish, healthy family menu

Fish is one of the richest meats that children can consume. Fortunately, Spaniards have a long tradition and fish are part of the classic diet. There are many alternatives, different styles of meat, some stronger flavor fish, others soft, also seafood and other specialties. If we talk about fish, there are plenty of ideas for healthy family dinner. From hake or salmon burgers, tuna meatballs, hake burritos, classic paella, skewers of any fish you like and even tacos.

If you like salads, it’s just about adding a tasty fish to an avocado, tomato and egg salad. Or a green leaf salad with caramelized onions, baked pumpkin and salmon.

I leave you free creativity… which menu will you cook today for healthy family dinner?