Higiene en general de los niños

Hygiene in general of children

Hygiene is very important in children, these must create hygiene habits conducive to establish a daily routine, and thus do not affect their basic needs of the future. Therefore, today we give you some advice on hygiene in general of children.

These must have a good hygiene education, counting on all the senses. That is, hands and feet, nose, eyes and ear, and not forgetting hair and skin. All this is essential to make your abilities and skills much more accurate and adequate.

Hand and foot hygiene

Hands are a vehicle for transmitting germs to our bodies. These germs can enter through the mouth or other natural holes, from the mucous membranes or from small lesions on our skin, sometimes imperceptible. Children should always keep their hands clean, because they touch their face, eyes, mouth, catch some food and touch others.

Also, hygiene of the feet is important due to increased sweating and poor ventilation of this area that can favor the appearance of infections, mainly those produced by fungi or papillomas.

Higiene en general de los niños

Nose, Eye and Ear Hygiene

Under normal conditions, no type should be used use of soap or cleaning product in the hygiene of the eyes. However, they should be washed daily with water, especially when lifted, to remove possible traces of secretions (legañas).

When some substance or foreign body enters the eyes, the first thing to do is to wash them under running water. Avoid rubbing your eyes because it can cause damage to the conjunctiva or cornea, and do not use any objects that could damage the ocular structure, such as tweezers or swabs. If washing with water does not manage to remove the foreign body, you will need to see the doctor.

Higiene en general de los niños

The external auditory canal has a self-cleaning system, so that the hair that covers it removes the earwax outside and does not require any hygiene. If observed in the child the existence of secretions, pain, persistent itching or decreased hearing should go to the pediatrician’s consultation.

The nasal mucosa performs the purifying function of air, filtering and retaining the foreign particles contained in it. At the same time, during inspiration, the nose provides the air with the right temperature and humidity before reaching the lungs. To maintain this function it is necessary to remove excess mucus. If mucus is very abundant, a few drops of physiological serum poured into each pit can be used to facilitate its removal. Excess mucus can also affect the auditory system.

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