How to volunteer in a pandemic

Volunteering in times of pandemic is a matter of humanity and solidarity. Many people are suffering the ravages of this pandemic in their economy, something that for many was already precarious. In this situation, millions of people have lost their jobs, many families are suffering the economic consequences of confinement and this terrible health situation that is plaguing the whole world.

Therefore, it is essential that all people do any kind of help, since volunteering at this time is the only way to help others. People have proved to be supportive in many difficult times, and in this, millions are looking for ways to help and provide a bit of sand. A help that for many people, is the only way to escape.

How to volunteer

Coronavirus has changed the lives of millions of people and more and more families are at risk of exclusion. A problem added to the one that already existed before the pandemic, because now many more people have lost their jobs and any source of income. As if that were not enough, the way we collaborate and volunteer has changed, because anti-Covid measures require it.

Which means that now many people who want to collaborate don’t know how they can do it safely. Solidarity is an act of humanity, something that should never be lost because life can take a radical turn and is never without being able to see itself in a similar situation. Being supportive and voluntary is something that needs to be done throughout the year, but more on these dates that are approaching if possible.

Volunteer in a pandemic

Today, December 5, International Volunteer Day is celebrated as every year. A day that serves to remember the great work of all the people who volunteer, with all the solidarity and generosity of the world. In these harsh moments that are being lived in every corner of the world, the work of volunteers is more essential than ever.

However, Covid has changed the way we knew so far and with it, the volunteer actions that until now were constantly carried out. This year, large food collection can not be carried out in supermarkets, nor will it be possible to collect funds in the streets of all cities. However, there are many ways to volunteer safely.

Sign up for official volunteer records

In each city there is an official register of volunteers and this is the best way to do it safely. Through entities such as Red Cross, ONCE, and other non-profit organizations, you can offer your help in the various areas that are required. From offering your knowledge, be it technically, physically or any other help you can offer.

Offer your help to people in need in your community

You can also carry out solidarity actions in your community, helping people who are vulnerable and at greater risk to the virus. Older people and those who suffer from previous diseases and pathologies, are the ones who have to protect themselves the most from any contagion. You can lend a hand running errands for these people in your community, such as buying them, picking up medicines at the pharmacy, and other kinds of errands.

This way, you prevent those people from having to leave home and put their health at risk. Another way to help is by doing company, within the limits that are currently demanded by the virus. No need to breach security measures, because the most important thing is to protect us all, but in other ways. For example, try locating the phone of seniors in your community and call them regularly, to see how they are, or if they need something.

You can also leave them magazines to their liking, books, puzzles or any individual game that can help entertain a single person. If you don’t know the situation of each of your neighbors but want to give your voluntary help, you can leave a note with your name and flat so that whoever may need it, contact you.