Mujer embarazada

Pregnant woman

As your body changes as the weeks of pregnancy pass, your clothes are getting tighter and tighter. Practically from the beginning of pregnancy, you will need to change some of your clothes to dress comfortably. You can find many young fashion stores, where they have a varied section of clothes for future moms. But you may have to make an investment in that kind of garment you’ll wear for a few months, and you may not use again.

To avoid this huge economic expense, you can always adapt your usual clothes to be able to use it comfortably during your pregnancy. You don’t need to be a great needlewoman, some things you can do with four stitches and even use textile glue. This type of adhesive is very easy to use and allows you to make a lot of textile projects.

Add an elastic

Elástico para vaqueros

This trick can solve the subject of clothing at the beginning of pregnancy, when the pants still rises to your waist but it is already too tight. Although the button closes well, it is not recommended that clothes press your tummy. So this simple trick will help you fit your pants during the first weeks of your pregnancy.

You just need an elastic band like the one you see in the picture. Make sure that the elastic is not too thin so that you do not run the risk of breaking. So that the rubber does not hurt your skin and does not pinch you, use a long shirt that you can put under your pants.

Add stretch fabric

Pantalón premamá DIY

With this simple DIY you can adapt any piece of your wardrobe into a maternity garment. Add stretch fabric to the waist of your denim pants or skirts Cut the waist part and sew a piece of fabric containing elastic. Make sure it is quite wide, this way you can adapt it as your belly grows. At first you can make the fabric fold over itself.

If you have a sewing machine, joining it will cost you a few minutes. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry, with a few simple stitches you can have your maternity pants. You can even use special glue for textiles, the result will be very similar and will serve you perfectly for the months of your pregnancy.

Create a fake girdle

Falsa faja premamá

Almost every woman usually has some basic tank top. S on the typical basic garments that we use under some transparent garment. These shirts are very elastic but surely when you take weight you can no longer use them, not only for the gut, is that the chest will grow quite a lot. But these garments can still be useful if you give them a new utility.

Cut the shirt to remove the part that gives to the chest, stretch the fabric well as once you cut it you can do it. Use it as a fake girdle that you can put on the jeans when you extend them with the elastic rubber band, this way it will be covered. Put on top of a T-shirt that lets you see the part of the fabric, it will look like it is part of the upper garment.

If you do yourself with a pair of fake belts in neutral colors, such as white and black, you can use them with virtually all your garments.

Cut a dress and get a skirt

Surely in your wardrobe you have a long summer dress or midi type, this type of clothes are worn every year. Getting a skirt adapted to your new body will be very easy. Cut the dress to remove the chest part. It should be a wide and steamy dress or have a fabric with elastic, so that it can adapt to your gut.

Make a simple hem leaving about 2 or 3 centimeters so that you can then put on the elastic band. You can sew with a few basic stitches or glue it with fabric glue. When you have it ready it will be time to put the rubber band, make sure that it is not too tight. This way you can use it until the end of your pregnancy.

These are just a few tricks, but, and youknow any other ways to turn regular clothing into maternity clothing through DIY? Share your tricks with us.