sistema solar

solar system

All of us as children have been fascinated by everything relevant with space and its planets, and now our children can have that curious moment to learn what is inside our solar system. At school they begin to learn the planets and we from home can give that little reinforcement showing them something elsein a fun way.

Curiosity is what still shows them that they can learn far beyond their learning ability, and doing so with games makes that ability even greater. We can buy craft games or discover fun apps for children to learn by playing.

Teaching the solar system in a fun way

Any age is good for children to know the planets of our solar system, it is only to adapt the teaching to the level of capacity of each child. In one of our articles we already explain how they can learn by having fun. Here are other ways you may also like:

A mounting kit to build the solar system

juego del sistema solar

This fun game will make as a family have a very fun afternoon. It is composed of parts and paints for painting and building. Designed to build the solar system in 3 dimensions and make it real by painting it with glow in the dark temperas, and then we will hang in a structure that will make the planets look at scale in size and distance.

Educational videos

There are educational videos that we can have at our fingertips so you can learn in full detail the solar system. With images and music everything is memorized much better and children like this kind of animation because they have fun.

Home Crafts

sistema solar

We give you two original craft ideas made by hand and with easy to find materials. The two are mobile that require few materials and that will make the child’s room can be decorated. In this way your work will be reflected and every time you see it remember where all the planets are positioned.

Applications for new technologies

Star Walk: It is a surprising application for its design. With it you can visualize in real time all the stars and planets that we can visualize from the earth. Once you download the application we hope to have a clear sky and make it at night. We aim with our mobile or tablet towards the sky and show us through the screen all the sky in real time with everything you can see at that time. This app has its version for children called Star Walk: Astronomy for Kids.

Solar Walk: This application also makes you deepen the knowledge of our solar system but in 3D. You can view moons, satellites, comets, asteroids and above all the planets and what you like most is that it can be seen in real time.

Cosmolander:is another proposal where you enter the solar system with the voice of a narrator. It also comes with a game for children to fulfill some missions uploaded on their spacecraft.

sistema solar

Other ways we can take advantage of is by entering some of our web pages on the internet that explains in a simple way how our solar system is organized. We can see it in educa-science that explains step by step each of the elements that make it up.

Visits to museums or planetariums is also another of the proposals you like. Children like small outings and finding out that there are places that can show you our solar system is the best choice.

Although for the best proposal we have our own night sky. Make an exit outside and choose a key day with rainy stars or some strategic position of some star, will not leave excuses. Equip yourself with a telescope and enjoy the wonders of the sky.