Teaching a teenager to make up

Most girls love makeup from small, it is something that is in mom’s toiletry bag and therefore it has to be something fun. Usually, parents let girls play with makeup, even let them go out to the street with painted nails or make-up lips without giving importance because it is a game.

However, at some point in pre-adolescence, girls begin to want to make up adulthood, ceasing to be a game for them. What for many parents is still something about girls, ceases to be so without them barely noticing. When this happens, it is very important to meet the needs of girls, because it is of no use to continue to treat her like a little girl, the transition to adolescence is definitive in every way.

Is it too early for her to start make-up?

If your daughter has been passionate about makeup since she was a child, it is normal to move from play to daily routine at some point. It’s a normal thing you have to be prepared for. Maybe you think it’s too early, even, maybe so. But before you take your hands to your head and forbid the girl to do it, you ‘d rather talk to her.

It is normal for girls between 12 and 13 years to start experimenting with makeup. This coincides with the first rule and the time when girls begin to feel older. With makeup girls look prettier, older and prepared for the new moment of their life they have just begun. Maybe you can delay this moment, but at some point you’re gonna have to face him. Therefore, it is best that you help your child to use the right products in a proper way.

Teach your daughter to make up

Girls can find poor-quality makeup at very cheap prices very simply, they can even share it with other girls, which is certainly a very bad idea. To avoid this, it is preferable that you talk to her and explain the risks of sharing beauty products. It is better for your daughter to have her own cosmetics, learn how to use them correctly, and also to take care of them and not share them.

Makeup serves to hide imperfections, something that teenage girls are usually lacking. So, your teen will only need a few products to start make-up depending on her age. Always choose quality cosmetics, specially designed for young skin. This will prevent the skin on your daughter’s face from aging prematurely due to misuse of makeup.

What makeup products does a teenager need?

A teenage girl who wants to start make-up needs some very basic products, take note.

  • Bronzing powders: A very fine powder that helps give some color to the skin of the face, something basic for girls with very white skin. It is applied with a large brush, taking very little product and with light touches.
  • Soft blush: With a touch of blush on the cheeks you can significantly change the appearance of the skin. Make sure that it is in a pink shade, that it adds some color to the cheeks. To apply it, the girl must force a smile and where the “apple” comes out of the face is where the blush should be applied.
  • Mascara: Although not a must at this age, the mascara helps to open the look without needing to apply more products. Especially for girls wearing glasses, a touch of mask will help them look more favored. No need to apply color, look for a transparent mascara that naturally defines the lashes .
  • A lipstick: Look for a creamy lipstick, with high duration but avoiding fixed lipsticks. Pink shades are perfect for all skin types.

Teaching your teen to make up is important for her to learn how to do it right. So your skin will not suffer premature damage and will not make mistakes because of the inexperience that make you look older or disguised. In addition, it is essential that you teach her to remove makeup well every day, as well as the importance of moisturizing the skin using specific and age-appropriate products.