Enseñar música a los niños

Teaching music to children

Teaching music to children is essential for their cognitive development, since music learning puts various physical and mental areas into operation. Therefore, on International Music Day, we cannot spend the opportunity to remember the importance of music in children’s lives. But it is also essential to use an appropriate method, even for the youngest children.

Children begin to show interest in music since they are babies. In fact, the songs that mothers instinctively use to calm, sleep and entertain their babies, become a way to create contact between mother and child. That is, the baby learns to connect with his mother through the sounds she emits, recognizes his mother’s voice in songs and even gets excited about them.

How to start teaching music to children

iniciar a un niño al aprendizaje de la música

Music education is part of the educational curriculum in schools in Spain, even from early childhood schools. Using one’s own body as a percussion instrument, learning to make palms, noise with your feet and legs or your own voice. However, to learn how to play an instrument it is necessary to use skills that are usually not acquired until 5 or 6 years.

This is the ideal age to start playing different instruments, since at this age children already have certain skills such as coordination between the eyes and limbs. They are even able to memorize enough to be able to play small melodies and simple notes. The most important thing is to respect the interests of the child, but by offering them different options so that he or she can feel motivated to music learning.

To start teaching music to children, you need to use simple methods that encourage them to learn. Through songs you already know, using one’s own body as an instrument and memorizing the lyrics of songs that they like best. Little by little children will show interest in various instruments, but the most fun and appropriate for young children are percussion instruments, such as drums or bongos.

Music is an art, a means of expression

Undoubtedly music is one of the most recognized and followed forms of artistic expression worldwide. Therefore, it is essential that music education be part of the education of children from a young age. Especially for those who have more difficulty communicating or expressing their emotions. Not surprisingly, music is used in various therapies in children with difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In short, teaching music to children is a matter of love, patience and sharing emotions with the little ones. Letting them express what music makes them feel, either through body expression and dancing. Singing and using your own voice to live music and learn it in turn. Even, a very fun and simple way to learn music at home is to combine this art with painting.

This is a perfect activity to share with the family, even with the youngest children. Prepare a large old sheet, card boards or a large paper canvas. Cover a wall that can be painted, the floor or on a wall in your garden, if you have it. The activity consists in expressing with painting what music makes you feel, for this, you can use songs with a lot of rhythm and change to more relaxing ones.

You will be amazed at how much children have fun playing with music and much more you will be amazed at everything they are able to learn. But without a doubt, you will be the one who takes the most important lesson, because you will see how your children speak through music, because emotions get innate. It only takes something that causes a feeling or an emotion, and for children, there is nothing that expresses more than music.