empoderamiento femenino

For girls to have knowledge, and perseverance of what female empowerment means, it is important to start treating them, and talking to them from an early age. Thus they will integrate that they own their future, through keys such as communication, leadership or negotiation.

These issues are learned from all socialization channels, family, friends, school, and mothers, as women have a leading role. There is no use to theorize about the steps towards real gender equality, if mothers then do not demonstrate that behavior and continue to distribute and adopt roles based on patriarchy at home.

Women’s empowerment and self-esteem

Whether you define yourself as a woman and as a mother as feminist or not, female empowerment generates better self-esteem. A girl with healthy self-esteem, who loves and values herself, accepting and seeing all her potential, will be a woman who will fully develop and who most likely, much happier. Isn’t this what you want as a mother?

At very early ages, up to 12 years or so, prejudices hardly exist. It is extremely important that civic behaviour based on equality and respect for oneself and others be encouraged and internalized at these ages. Avoiding gender roles.

It is essential that girls, as women, believe from small that they have the world in their hands. They must not accept limitations or that their rights are infringed. This freedom means not having to meet expectations or sociocultural patterns, and that when you reach adolescence you can go without fear on the street… for example.

Women’s empowerment and courage

Reshma Saujani is the founder of Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that seeks to train young women in the world of technology. Maybe you’ve heard his TED talk about girls’ empowerment. If not, we recommend that you look at it with your daughter and discuss it. I assure you it won’t be wasted time.

In this talk Reshma highlights the idea that most girls are taught to avoid failure and risk. Through different examples Reshma Saujani demonstrates how the “courage deficit” of girls affects the rest of their lives, on their personal and professional performance. Psychologist Carol Dweck, did an experiment in which she observed how boys face a difficult task as a challenge, while girls quickly gave up. The study concludes, it is evidence that women have been socialized to aspire to perfection.

Therefore, when you talk to your daughter about female empowerment, remember to teach her to be imperfect, to be brave, to encourage herself to create, and not be paralyzed for fear of failure.

How to empower girls?

dislexia niña

We have already said it above, the main thing is the example they see in their mothers, and especially referring to female empowerment in the mother. You’re going to be the mirror in which she consciously or unconsciously looks at. Girls learn more about what is done than they are told.

From small, do not wait for adolescence, talk to them, listen to them and accompany them on their way. Do not judge her preferences and choices, motivate her so that always the best of themselves. Accept their limits, do not demand perfectionism in them and brilliance in them. When we talk about perfection, and more among teenage girls, teach him from childhood that his physical image should not meet any requirements. All women are different and what makes us valuable are values, intelligence, personality.

It fosters their autonomy, they never doubt that as women they have no limitations. They can achieve what they intend to do without relying on anyone. Tell her stories about women scientists, athletes, or success, who did not shrink in even more unequal societies than today.