How to talk to a child about terrorism

Today 21 is the International Day of Commemoration and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. It is a cruel act that continues to occur today and as a consequence is faced with the cruel news that its execution has been provoked in order to do some brutal damage. As a result, images of material damage and where there may be fatalities will always be seen.

As a day of commemoration on terrorism, we must not forget that these kinds of memories must be raised aloud in protest against their misexecution. Children who participate in all kinds of knowledge are the basis for recognizing that there are and exist such problems in the world.

How to tell a child what terrorism is?

It is difficult to try to imply firsthand what a terrorist act is. Even adults themselves find it difficult to recavate many times why from the existence of certain behaviors, without understanding a how and a why, and even more when it turns out that there have been casualties.


order to talk about terrorism, if the fact has happened recently, it is clear that the child will be aware of the news both inside or outside, around his social life with friends or at school. We too are responsible for giving that news and above all without creating panic and confusion.

It is better to always tell the truth, we can create a “little” of drama to make sure that it is a rather serious act, but first of all not to infuse fear. The child should always feel first hand safety and closeness to the people around him.

Tips to follow

At the moment they are perceiving it, even if it is for the visualization of a news story, you have to let themselves speak and express their feelings about such a situation. If they haven’t come to collect all sorts of details and keep asking, it’s not entirely wrong to try to omit some kind of information, but you should not lie. The child must live in a quiet environment but not fantasy and unreality.

The event must be counted safely to show the news in total temperance and with a vocabulary according to the age of the child. First of all, we must show our indignation and let our feelings be revealed. Children should recognize the kinds of feelings and feel empathy.

Adults are easy to get to show feelings as helplessness before such a fact, followed by a lot of sadness, pain and indignation. Finally, fear is another issue that is there, but you need to know how to control it more cautiously. That is why it is never else that they also show their emotions and name them, so that they know how to process them.

Talk to children about values

Values is what always has to go hand in hand with all of the above. We must talk about peace, solidarity towards people, respect and above all freedom. A faithful tribute of respect must be paid to all victims and their families.

At the top level and with the words chord towards the child can be given supportive information that can go much further. We must try to explain that people are not omnipotent, but it is in our hands to always have a strategy plan to try to combat terrorism.

It will always be on the hand of large States and institutions to create Member States to help prevent and combat all kinds of terrorist acts globally. That is why we must all join forces to prevail the right of people to be able to live and above all to fight terrorism