Burnout syndrome or burnt mother

Have you ever felt overtaken by everything motherhood entails? You may be suffering from what is known as Burnout Syndrome or BurnoutSyndrome. It is something more common than it seems, since, although it is not spoken openly, many mothers (and also fathers) come to feel overwhelmed on more than one occasion.

And it seems that this society is not prepared to hear that mothers are not happy 24 hours a day, for the mere fact of having a family. That is, many women suffer sneaking the physical and emotional exhaustion that (sometimes) motherhood produces. Because it is not necessary to be deceived, being a mother or father is wonderful and rewarding, but it is also sacrificed and exhausting.

Feeling tired of all the tasks involved in motherhood, in addition to other personal duties, is more normal than you can imagine. In fact, there is a term coined by experts, Burnout syndrome, which can be applied to various areas, not just that of motherhood. It is a syndrome that can affect people in various situations, especially in those where a lot of time is spent caring for other people.

What is Burnout Syndrome

Dedication to the care of other people, or that of children as in this case, can cause significant emotional deterioration, so much that can lead to other severe pathologies. This syndrome was described in 1974 by psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberger. Characteristics or symptoms can be seen as an absolute loss of motivation, interest in work, sense of responsibility and even depression.

Many people may have this disorder, although it usually happens with those who care for older people or sick with great dependence, such as Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. Something that can certainly happen in motherhood, because absolute dependence on children, in some cases can be overwhelming.

Syndrome of the burned mother

Children require a lot of work, a lot of dedication and a lot of effort. In most of the time, this dedication is truly satisfying, grateful and rewarding. But children are by nature demanding, they have incomprehensible behaviors such as meaningless tantrums or crying without justification. When this is lengthened in time, the mother or father can reach what is known as being burned, that is, lose the illusion and motivation for what is being done.

How to overcome Burnout syndrome

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Lack of rest, sleep little and bad, not having time for oneself, to do the things you like or that help you feel better, are usually the causes why a mother or father, get to suffer Burnout Syndrome. Motherhood or fatherhood, occupy much of the time in the life of any person, but for this and other reasons should not let it become the epicenter of the world.

That is, children are the most important thing in any father’s life. They are the engine that moves everything, the force that makes you get up every day and fight for something better. However, there is far beyond the children themselves. Being a mother or father does not mean to stop being a person, woman, professional, friend or mother. Taking care of your own health is essential to be able to give your best in each of your facets.

It delegates tasks to other people, child care and household chores, should be shared among family members. Ask people next to you for help and accept that same help when they offer it to you. Having someone else’s help does not at all minimize your value as a mother. However, it allows you to face motherhood in a more serene and positive way, which is essential to enjoy a full and happy motherhood.