planificar menu semanal

The best way to ensure that your family follows a varied, balanced and healthy diet is by spending time each week to plan the family menu. This way, not only will you include all the essential nutrients of the whole family in your diet, but you can also save a lot of money when it comes to shopping and something even more essential, time.

Below are some tips and guidelines so you can create your healthy weekly menu in a simple and fast way. The first thing is to get a template, you can create it on your computer, in a notebook that you want for this purpose or download a ready-made one from the internet. This makes it easier to plan daily meals and make sure all food groups are covered at a glance.

What should a healthy weekly menu be

In order for the diet to be healthy, it is necessary to be balanced, varied and to include foods of all groups in certain measures. For example, nutrition experts advise that in the week 4 servings of fish and seafood are consumed, another 4 servings of meat among which there should be one of red meat and the rest of white meat.

The weekly menu of the whole family should also include 3 servings of legumes and 2 eggs. As for vegetables and fruits, they should be present every day. Vegetables should appear in each of the main meals of the day and fruits in 5 servings divided throughout the day. The advantage is that the vegetable can include it in the preparation of all dishes.

And not only the vegetable, you can also mix several food groups to cover all the nutritional needs in one dish. For example, you can prepare a pasta dish accompanied by broccoli and salmon, you already have covered the ration of vegetables, fish and carbohydrates. You can also prepare hot and cold soups, salads or fruit and vegetable smoothies to cover all daily rations of fruit and vegetables.

Plan the shopping list based on the weekly menu

One of the biggest advantages of making a menu every week, is that making the shopping list will be much faster and easier. You just need to check what are the products you don’t have in your pantry and the frescoes you’ll need to prepare all the dishes every day. This way, you can save money when filling the shopping cart. But you will also avoid carrying unhealthy products and most importantly, you will avoid throwing away food that is not consumed because we have them in excess.

Choose seasonal products

Choosing seasonal products is the best way to consume food in its perfect state of maturation. That is, the food is tastier, healthier, and also more economical, everything is advantages. So you can also vary when cooking, as a general rule in all houses usually repeat the dishes that you like most and the food becomes a bit routine.

Knowing the seasonal foods will allow you to discover other fish, meat or vegetables that you may not eat because of ignorance. Spend some time to discover more about all the available foods and natural products, you will know an exceptional world with which you will learn to feed your whole family in a varied and healthy way.

Contrary to what is usually thought, eating better is not more expensive. Fast food, prepared and ultra-processed foods, as well as being unhealthy in the long term are much more expensive. Learning how to plan food for the whole family will only take about 20 minutes each week and save money and your family will eat healthier. Involve children in the process, so that they get acquainted with different foods to get to enjoy the meal in a healthy way.