The importance of music in CEE for children with disabilities

As every November 22, today is the day of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of music and musicians. Music brings great benefits to children and adults. If you want to motivate your children a taste for music the first thing is to listen toit. Just as it is harder for a child reader to be in a house without books, it is also more difficult for music-loving children in houses where music is not heard. And we’re talking about any kind of music.

Some of the benefits that science tells us that music produces in children, is that it strengthens language, concentration, calms anxiety, changes moods… do they seem enough to motivate them?

Recommendations to motivate the taste for music in children

Musicoterapia en niños con discapacidad

We will give you some recommendations, and useful tips if you want to motivate your children in the love of music. The first advice is to do it without pressure. As with other habits we try to instill in children, such as eating vegetables for example, we fall into the mistake of pressing them, of being strict. This can be counterproductive. The approach to music should be done in a subtle and fun way.

Give him freedom to listen to what he wants. Do not influence him with your own tastes, or forbid him to listen to this or that style. Many children and teenagers are inclined to music that listens to their surroundings or is fashionable. It is estimated that the ideal stage for defining musical tastes is between 14 and 24 years old.

Playing an instrument has great benefits for anyone who does it. Motivating you to learn and practice with an instrument is a way for you to love music. One of the benefits of this tactic is that it improves the child’s self-esteem, favors its integration with others, as well as improving dexterity, intelligence and immune system.

Activities away from home to motivate children

We have already commented that the influence of fathers, mothers, is on all facets of the formation and education of a child. If you normally don’t listen to music at home, you can motivate their taste for music by going to concerts or activities outside the home related to music.

There are currently different family options to enjoy music with children, from special concerts for babies, children’s operas, concerts exclusively for children, in which mothers stay out to family workshops.

In addition to the shows exclusively designed and designed for the little ones, you can have your children accompany you to the festival or concert of your favorite singers. In fact, festivals have long been contemplating this option and let children pass by with their families. And a rabbit, when you’re with your children listening to your favorite group, sing, dancing and enjoying the songs. There is nothing better for a child than sharing his mother’s joy.

Singing, music or dance classes

If your children already show a certain degree of motivation for music, it’s time to boost it. You can point them to music, singing or dancing classes, where they will inevitably listen to music. There is a certain imaginary to believe that music classes are formal and boring, this is not so. Or at least it’s not always like that. There are excellent professionals who in an enjoyable and very entertaining way get children to develop a taste for music. Depending on the age of the child, the game will be integrated as an essential part of learning.

Talk to your kids about which musical style they like the most. There are children who from very soon love electric guitars, or flamenco, for parents’ taste or disgust. If you take them to dance or music classes, respect these tastes. It is no good that a child who loves flamenco ends up going to classical music classes.

So remember, the best way to motivate children to taste music is by offering it and enjoying yourself with it.