Christmas is an endearing time of year when family and friends gather to enjoy moments together. It is also a date to remember those close people who are not, either by death or for the mere fact of being far away. Empty chair syndrome is an emotional state that a person suffers due to the absence of someone special on a specific date such as Christmas.

This syndrome can be suffered by both adults and children. Now that Christmas holidays are approaching, there are many children who are saddened to see that someone very close and loved, will not be able to be at such points.

What is Empty Chair Syndrome

It is a syndrome that produces a feeling of sadness and weariness in a person after the loss of a loved one, which may be a relative or close friend whom he misses.

The person suffering from this syndrome is severely affected by his emotional state, in some cases becoming a major depressive state. This kind of feeling usually occurs at key times such as Christmas holidays or during birthdays. These are quite marked dates in which emotions such as sadness, grief or crying tend to emerge.

Effects of empty chair syndrome

First of all it must be said that this feeling of sadness does not have to occur only by the death of a loved one. The syndrome may also refer to a person who is far away and can not be present at such a marked date.

In the case of Christmas, many children can be seriously affected by the absence of a being they love very much. Apart from sadness, the most obvious and clear effect of this type of syndrome is loneliness. In the case of children, they can feel alone at all times despite being surrounded by other people close. To miss someone is what causes that during such familiar dates as Christmas, there are children who feel in absolute solitude.


How to help a child overcome chair syndrome

If you notice that your child has this type of syndrome, it’s important to follow a series of tips or guidelines to help you overcome this problem:

  • Parents should sit next to their child and speak clearly aboutit. It is good that the little one opens up as much as he can and is able to express everything he feels. Sometimes the child needs to be heard and be able to say everything he thinks.
  • Being a child, parents should explain in a clear way that the loved one can not be either because he has died or because he is far away and it is impossible for him to be by his side. In the case of death, from 7 or 8 years the child is able to understand everything that surrounds his own death.
  • In many occasions it is important to have the help of a professional to help the child cope with the presence of a loved one. Help from a person who knows about the topic is key when the child knows how to enjoy the moment without having to think about the person who is not there.

In short, now that Christmas holidays are approaching many children who suffer from the empty chair syndrome. To miss a loved one makes the child feel lonely and depressed despite being surrounded by too dear people. Given this, it is important that parents help their child overcome this emotional problem and be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays with their most loved ones.