educar a un niño de 12 años

educate a 12 year old

Educating a 12-year-old is synonymous with getting another educational method because your child is reaching pre-adolescence. The arrival at this age is another way of living life, and parents are faced with another difficult and complex time in their upbringing.

From the age of 11 boys and girls begin to deal with puberty and that is when the first hormonal changes occur, the first physical changes and their social life is also constantly changing. It is here that the subject must be touched with delicacy, because a new stage has begun for everyone.

Important changes that occur at this age

  • Its change lends itself mainly is its physical transformation. In males, pubic and facial hair begins to appear, and their voice changes. In girls menstruation appears, their breasts grow and pubic hair appears.
  • They begin to worry about their physical image, with having their hair in different shape and dressing in a special way.
  • This hormonal change causes them to focus a lot on that change and have to deal much more about focusing on themselves, thoughts and mood swings. That is why it is important that the lack of confidence does not decline.
  • They allow themselves to be much more influenced by friendships and leave aside parents’ opinions. In this case you prove to be in bad temper and are more conflicting.
  • Their burden and change of school work can make them feel much more stressed, some children may feel dietary problems, and others may feel sadness and affect their school performance. Other children try to use drugs and alcohol and start having uncontrolled sex.

How to educate a child of 12 years

Generally at this time, the situation has created a lot of confusion among parents. The first question is that if during the years ago of his education, everything has been done correctly. However, this small stage is that little rehearsal of life, here children have to start adaptability and should look at it positively.

  • If children start to develop their new changes positively , we will have much more evolutionary and positive attitudes, which is the equivalent of being educated feeling much more safety and self-esteem.
  • Therefore, his rebellion should not be taken as personal. It is better to blame your hormones than on your own attitude, because we generate much more conflicts.

educar a un niño de 12 años

  • When children are answering, we don’t have to play their own game. He’s probably waiting for the same kind of answer and at the same level of hostility. The method of not getting at the same height and having a quiet conversation works. We have to give priority to commenting and asking things with peace of mind and taking an example that we do it too.
  • We have to make them feel that we have empathy towards them, that we are going to treat them honestly and so we can access them more easily. From here on it is much easier to address any opinion or advice as long as they are healthy decisions for both.
  • Turn your day to day into a concern, that you notice that you care about what it does (not to be confused with having control). Meet friends and what they do when they go out, show concern about their schoolwork, and help them make those right decisions.
  • Respecting your privacy is very important. We can’t have control over everything he does because that burdens, but we can’t show total disinterest in what it does either.
  • And always show affection and empathy. These children, even if they need to be more intimacy and show more disinterest in the family unit, does not mean they don’t continue to need affection, perhaps that’s when they need it most.