How to dress in pregnancy

How to dress during pregnancy without losing style, is something that many women wonder when they begin to notice the physical changes of the new state. A few years ago pregnant clothes were all of a similar cut, very classic and difficult to find in stores that were not specialized. However, today all current fashion firms have a maternity section.

So any woman can find appropriate clothes for pregnancy, without giving up her style and for a normal price. Whatever your style, when dressing during pregnancy it is important to consider certain aspects when looking for clothes. Points such as comfort, choosing natural fabrics or the most appropriate footwear, mark the suitability in maternity garments.

Comfort to dress during pregnancy

Wearing comfortable during pregnancy is essential, because your body will gradually undergo changes and where you will notice it most will be basically in clothes. Avoid wearing very tight and thick fabrics, which do not allow proper blood circulation and can cause edema and other difficulties associated with pregnancy. Maternity leggings are perfect to match other garments, such as oversized blouses, dresses or kimonos, which have been so trendy for years.

As for clothing being versatile, it is a matter of practicality. Pregnancy clothes will serve you for a few months, maybe during the puerperium you still wear some of those clothes. However, you’ll soon get tired of wearing those clothes when you’re no longer pregnant. Therefore, it is not necessary to invest too much in a very complete wardrobe, but to choose clothes that can be well combined with each other.

It is preferable to invest in quality garments, made from natural and skin-friendly fibres , such as cotton or linen. The skin tends to become more sensitive and synthetic tissues can cause itching, hives, and other skin problems. Choose few garments but they are of quality, in neutral tones so you can combine them and wear comfortable during your pregnancy.

The essential basics

If you choose the garments with which to create your pregnancy wardrobe, you won’t need to make a big investment. This is a fundamental thing, since pregnancy clothes have an expiration date. Spending a fortune is entirely unnecessary and soon you will need other clothes, such as appropriate clothing for breastfeeding. These are the essential basics to dress during pregnancy:

  • Leggings: You may end up taking mania, butthey are so comfortable and practical that you’ll barely take them offthroughout your pregnancy. Especially women who live pregnancy in cold times. Get a pair of leggings in basic colors, you can combine them with garments and accessories with which to adapt the look in every occasion.
  • 2 Pairs of Trousers: According to your needs you can choose a pair of jeans or one in jean style and one more to dress. To work they are really comfortable and easy to match with other more basic garments.
  • DRESSES FOR ANY OCCASION: Dresses arethe most comfortable garment to wear in pregnancy, especially if you live it in hot season. However, the stockings for pregnant women are very light and you can also wear them with leggings, get two or three different styles and you can create different outfits.
  • Blouses, kimonos and oversized garments: They will be your allies when it comes to dressing each day. You can wear them with jeans, with elastic high waist skirts or with dresses. Change the add-ons and you’ll get perfect looks for any occasion.

Being pregnant does not mean losing your style, or changing the way you dress. You just need to adapt some clothes to feel more comfortable during these months. You can even continue to wear some of your clothes, those that are not very tight on the belly and legs. As for t-shirts, tops and blouses, you can continue to wear them adapting them to your new shapes.