Sonajero para el bebé

Rattle for baby

From the third month your baby already begins to explore his big world and begins to grab the objects with his hands. This will because they already have the ability to focus and recognize things much more although it is not enough yet, at four or five months you can already stay longer with a toy and choose a rattle for the baby will be the best proposal.

A rattle for the baby from the age of four months is the perfect tool for you to grab and take it to your mouth for thorough research. And is that this toy is perfect for exploration with the outside world, and stimulation of the child’s senses.

How to choose a rattle for the baby

A rattle is a toy for babies who have not reached the year of life, it is fun and multisensory. The baby grabs the rattle, observes its multiple colors and shakes it to hear the sound it emits. Many come with a special touch so they can explore its various textures and allow it to be soft and pleasant so you can take it to your mouth without any danger.

The rattle is designed to familiarize yourself with its sound and thus be able to create routines. If you have these toys before you perform a task this will allow you to not meet moments of surprise, and this will help you feel more secure and strengthen your memory.

In the market there are countless samples and brands and you have to weigh some criteria to be able to choose the right one for its functionality. The models can become full of very striking colors and spectacular shapes and figures to attract your attention.

It is important that the rattle is medium rigid materials to be able to bite them with total guarantee, but not too hard and robust so that in an outburst of uncontrolled play or frustration can get hit, especially on the head. Likewise, try not to contain small pieces that may end up falling off to reach your mouth and choke.

Classes of rattles

Plush Ball

It is ideal as a rattle function, suitable from 3 months and in the shape of a ball, something most babies love. It is soft and soft and stimulates the eye, touch and ear like all rattles. Contains a bell to represent a sound, different fabrics with soft textures for you to learn to explore and a mirror so it can be mirrored

Sonajero para el bebé

Donkey Rattle

This donkey shaped rattle contains various multisensory games for eyesight, hearing and touch. It is a soft toy, colorful and made with non-toxic materials. It can be used from 3 months and the baby can play with its various labels and small pieces of different shapes that can slide through a ring that can be grabbed as a handle. The paws of the animal will be sound and carry an integrated mirror.

Rattles and teethers

It’s a group of rattles that sell them together. Designed to emit various sounds and attractive colors so you can attract baby’s attention. They are designed with small handles so that they can be firmly fastened and thus increase eye-hand coordination. The composition of its materials are adapted within the safety and guarantee so that they can be bitten and at the same time disinfect them in hot water up to 80°.

Sonajero para el bebé

Rattles for crib and stroller

These rattles are provided and devised with a hook so that they can be placed in the crib or stroller. It consists of a set of soft animals and eye-catching colors to attract the attention of the baby. They are inspired for the visual development of the baby and learn the name of animals.