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To choose a good girdle in pregnancy, the most important thing is to make sure that this is a girdle designed specifically for women in the state. Pregnancy girdle is not an element of beauty, it is not used to stylize the figure or to reduce centimeters in contour, as is the case with other types of girdles. In this case, it is a retention system, an aid to make the belly of pregnancy more bearable.

But is this girdle appropriate for all pregnant women? is it necessary or advisable to use it? And most importantly, how to choose a good girdle if the doctor recommends me to use it? All these issues are resolved below. So what, if you have to wear a girdle in pregnancy, we help you choose the most appropriate one for you in these circumstances.

What is it and what is this type of girdle for

Pregnancy girdles are designed to hold the tummy in those areas where it causes the most harm to the woman, that is, in the lower belly and in the lumbar area. They usually wear adjustable elastics on the sides, so that each woman can adapt the girdle to the size of her belly, even as pregnancy progresses. In no case is the girdle used to shape the figure, since its elastics are quite light.

This type of girdle is not recommended for every woman, in any case, its use should be limited to the recommendation of the gynecologist or midwife. Generally, the girdle in pregnancy is recommended in women with multiple pregnancy. As well as in the case of women who have undergone several pregnancies and have damaged the musculature of the pelvic area.

In such cases, the weight of the belly can create significant discomfort in the lower back and lower belly, seriously damaging the fibers and muscles in that area. That is why in some cases it is recommended to use the pregnancy girdle to reduce such discomfort. If this is your case and you should look for a girdle by medical recommendation, do not miss the following tips to choose the best option for you.

The best girdle in pregnancy

When purchasing a pregnancy girdle, it is essential that you go to a specialized store, where people who care for you can offer you useful tips before purchasing the product. Since this is something specific to pregnancy, you need to make sure that this is something appropriate, that it will not harm you and that it will perform its function correctly.

On the market you can find several types of pregnancy girdle:

  • A seamless girdle: With no seams it is very comfortable because it does not cause damage or irritation to the skin. Although it is not the girdle that best holds the tummy, it camouflages very well under clothes, so it can be a good choice if you have to work away from home and you don’t want the girdle to be too evident. This girdle is recommended for winter, as in summer it can give too hot.
  • The maternity belt: In this case it is a somewhat more expensive, but very effective girdle. It incorporates several bands that hold the lower belly, the lower back and a top strip so that it always stays in place. Although it is somewhat uncomfortable to place, it is the girdle that best performs its function.
  • Adaptive belt: This is the most used and most common of girdles in pregnancy. This is an adaptable belt in one size. So it adapts to the needs as the tummy increases in size. It is easy to fit, breathable and cool to wear in summer, and its quality price is the best you can find on the market, perfect for all pockets.