How to act when children insult their mother

It is a very particular year, after weeks of confinement, the mood is not the usual ones. The “new normal” forces you to use fislets and take several groceries. Quarantine has left traces on children which, in many cases, are shown with less tolerance. Bad mood, abductions of nervousness, sadness and other symptoms appear on stage. At the top of the scale there are insults, which are often said towards the most conditional figure. How to act when children insult their mother?

There is no single answer, there are several factors to consider when setting the limit because one thing is certain: a child should not insult his mother. You must be very clear that there is a limit that must never pass.

The insults to the mother

Why are there children who insult their mothers? The reasons may be varied although it is more frequent for a child to dare to face his mother than his father, perhaps because the male figure is anticipated as firmer and fearful. In other cases, it is because the maternal figure would be more linked to protection and protection. To the most absolute unconditionality.

There are children who perceive the mother as a more fragile figure, a person who will always be there for them, beyond what they do. That’s why they just dare to insult her, because they know that somehow they will always be there for them. Now,how to act when children insult their mother? A mother is unconditional but, even being so, it is necessary to mark the boundaries.

This is where the particular circumstances appear. Does the child live in a family environment where insults are common currency? Does the child insult as part of a game? Is it a young child or one entering adolescence? These variables are vital when deciding how to act when a child insults his mother.

Insults in young children

If you say it in isolation and are young, you are most likely experiencing the one you have heard somewhere. It is then about explaining to him what this is an insult and the reasons why he can’t say it. It is also important to take care of our own language as well as the treatment of others to prevent children from copying harmful attitudes. Recall that in many cases children’s insults are learned somewhere and by imitation.

For children aged 4 or 5, it is common for them to experiment with bad words or insults as a way of expressing that they are growing. They even do it as a grace and that’s why the elders can laugh. Another issue is whether children insult their mother to get attention or because they are angry. It is important to explain to them that this is wrong and that, in addition, they can hurt the mother’s feelings. In addition, it is advisable not to laugh at the graces of rude and bad words so as not to confuse them.

Insults when children grow up

In the case of slightly older children, insults to mothers are more linked to anger and wrong ways of channeling them. They are not yet mature to channel their anger in a healthier way and that is why they spread out into insults. It is time to set a healthy limit, explaining that it is not the way to react and offering alternative solutions to channel anger.

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Avoid putting the child up to an insult because, sometimes, the children’s insults to their mothers are linked to issues of power and as a way to prove that they have power. Do not succumb to them because if you do so they will believe that they have indeed achieved their goal.

Healthy dialogue is always a great resource to act when children insult their mother, the word explains, about, exemplifies, allows to understand. Always bet on her.