Family holidays came, but this year they are a little special, we have a pet at home and we can’t take it. Does my pet suffer if I leave it at home? What options do we have? Which is the best? We can assure you that no one likes to leave your pet at home when he goes on vacation, children miss her, and the pet itself will also be sad, at least a few days. Dogs and cats also experience sadness, anxiety and even anger.

We propose some alternatives and tell you how your pet feels when you leave. We imagine that if you have arrived here it is because in the family you have already searched all the possibilities to travel with your pet.

Leave the pet at home and have someone take care

When we think about pets the most common is to do it in dogs and cats, but what if you have a canary, fish, rabbits or other less common animals? Well, in that case your pet will also miss you, perhaps interact less with you and your children than a dog, but is used to coexistenceand food routines and noises. Animals also have emotions.

The easiest thing in this case, if it is a small animal that can be transported is for some family member, friend or neighbor to keep it. And if not then you will have to approach home to control that everything is going well in the terrarium or aquarium, I’m sure that at the return of the holiday you will be looking forward to going to pick up your animals.

If it is a cat we usually have the idea that they are independent, and that they can be alone for a few days. This is half true. Cats are able to manage food and water for a few days, 2 or 3, but they do not stand boredom, and this can be a lot in an empty house. And they’ll need to be changed the sand and fill the food. And now we will dedicate a whole section to the emotions of dogs, much more social and sociable animals.

The emotions of dogs if they are alone

Thanks to the science and evolution of canine and feline ethology we understand that dogs and cats also have emotions. An experiment by the University of Bristol and linked to the documentary The Secret Life of Dogs shows that 85% of animals (dogs) that were left alone at home endured some kind of suffering, from separation anxiety to increased blood of stress hormone, cortisol. So you can imagine what happens when you go on vacation without them.

If you are going to leave your dog at home, you will have to hire or hold a caregiver responsible to entertain, walk and take care of it. But while he or she arrives you can leave toys, a T-shirt or clothes with your smell at their fingertips, hide some treats around the house, or program the radio or television to entertain.

This option is recommended especially with older dogs, or very sensitive, who suffer greatly from changes in the environment. You will need to know how to choose someone you trust, because beyond the care of feeding and grooming, what your dog will be demanding in company. And don’t worry, he won’t take it into account when you get back.

Pet Only Holiday Spaces


We continue to focus on dogs as the most sociable pets, and who suffer the most from the absence of the family . You can leave it at the vet, almost everyone has a hotel section, but, if you are going to be in contact with other sick, or stressed animals, this does not seem the best option.

You can also give your dog a holiday, a change of air, be with other dogs, whether they are known or in a specific establishment. It’s good that before you leave it there, you get used to it little by little. With this idea children confirm that their pet will be fine while they themselves are on vacation.

Puppies, so active them, are very good to stay in hotels or nurseries for dogs, where they have all the necessary amenities, and even training. You can take him a day or two before you go on vacation and discuss how he feels. And don’t forget to bring him his favorite toy.