If this summer, being pregnant, you have passed hotter than usual, do not worry, because being pregnant already causes body temperature to rise. This is due to hormonal changes, If you are in advanced state the heat can cause you to give birth, and cause the baby to be born earlier.

heat pregnant

We tell you some tips and tips to make you and your home cooler, and thus better withstand the heat of summer, you should also be especially careful with the heat waves. Like it or not, you’re a population at risk in the face of this phenomenon.

Why does the internal temperature increase during pregnancy?

The first indication of how heat affects pregnant women is that their feet swell. This is because the blood vessels contract to try to keep the body cool, which causes inflammation. In addition pregnant women also have a burning sensation on the soles of the feet.

During pregnancy it is normal to feel sudden heats and mood swings, and don’t think you’re going to get rid of them after childbirth, many times they continue there. The cause of both issues is the fluctuation of hormones. In particular, the decrease in estrogen is what causes sudden heats.

These heats most affect the head, neck and chest, and last from a few seconds to a few minutes. They are usually more common during the second and third trimester, so be careful if you get caught in summer.

General recommendations for passing the heat

These recommendations against heat you can apply them for the whole family. None of it will hurt you and make you more bearable on summer days.

  • Hydrate, so you will avoid dehydration and some scare from sudden stress drops. Even if you’re not thirsty, drink water. I have an alarm set on my phone every hour to drink a couple of glasses of water. If you add lemon or bits of aloe to the water, as you read it, it will refresh you twice. In this sense you can also take advantage of juicy summer fruits to eat them between meals. We do not recommend some moisturizing drinks, because of their high sugar content, which in excess is the enemy of us and the baby.
  • Dress up in light and cool clothes. Better if it is cotton, it is more natural and wicks away sweat as it absorbs it. Always put in the bag, or have a fanon hand. This practical invention will help you relieve the heat.
  • At home keep the rooms ventilated, take advantage of the first thing in the morning or in the evening if you have mosquito nets on the windows. Also bathe and take showers frequently. It is one of the best options to refresh the body and fight against annoying and blissful hot flashes.

What should pregnant women do in the face of a heat stroke?

If the heat is very high, you can suffer a heat stroke, and the body temperature of the pregnant woman may exceed 39 degrees. In addition to this symptom you will have dizziness, dizziness, vomiting, accelerated pulse, headache and reddened skin or rashes. Do not think twice, ask for help and go as quickly as possible to a hospital.This heat stroke, in addition to affecting you, also affects the baby.

Before you get to heat stroke try to lower your body temperature, but not abruptly. This must be progressive. The main thing is to recover the fluid that our body has lost. Forget to drink ice water right now. And the same happens with showers, at this time better compresses of fresh water on the wrists, ankles and forehead. And, what we said before, go to a hospital as soon as possible.

In the

face of a heat stroke, and your gestation status is advanced, uterine contractions may occur . These contractions are caused by the stress that pregnant women feel in hot episodes. With these contractions increases the production of hormones such as oxytocin and prostaglandin, which are the ones that trigger childbirth. Therefore some gynecologists believe in hot times premature births increase.