Homeschooling or home education is already a reality for many families in many parts of the world. In Spain, until a few months ago little was known about this practice, but due to the confinement by the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are familiar with this term. In our country, homeschooling is an allegal practice, that is, it is neither prohibited nor properly regulated as is the case in other countries.

Homeschooling or teaching from home

While home education may be very beneficial in some ways, it is not without disadvantages, since one of the most important parts of school is the sociability and coexistence of children with their peers. However, Covid-19 has come to change everyone’s way of life and as a consequence, alternatives to teaching children.

What does homeschooling consist of

Homeschooling could be translated as education at home, outside public or private institutions. This type of education is based on family education, within one’s own home, but also shared with the community, with the church or in small circles of neighbors. For many families it is the best option, whether because of religious convictions, for discontent with the existing educational system or for many and various other reasons.

The point is that in many countries, homeschooling is a totally legal and regulated type of education. That is, home education is integrated into the educational system, but is taught according to its own methodology. A teaching method that has been followed in many countries for many years, even in neighbouring countries such as Portugal, homeschooling is regulated by law.

Homeschooling in times of pandemic

The question is, since an unexpected confinement in early March 2020, led to the immediate closure of schools, homeschooling was precipitously implemented in most households around the world. This has led to renewed debate among advocates of this type of education, who have been struggling for years to ensure that it is regulated in this country as well.

Maybe it’s not the best option for every family, or for all children. But there is no doubt that in these times of crisis, this type of education is the only way to ensure that children continue their learning. Because although the school year has resumed after 6 months of stopover, no one can guarantee that it will not return to confinement in the coming weeks and even months.

Right now children are accustomed to another type of school education, but as they have already shown, they have an innate ability to adapt. That is, it may be difficult for them to get used to working at home, adhere to the rules in the same way as they do at school, their study times, homework, examinations and so on. But be sure that they will get used to it, of course, as long as an appropriate routine is fulfilled.

Teaching from home, a matter of commitment

It is very important that there is a real commitment to be able to teach children from home. Because all people do not have the same preparation, nor the knowledge necessary to teach children. Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary means, not only material, but personal. To do this, the Internet and new technologies offer you all the necessary resources.

But the total involvement of families should not be forgotten, because the child must have their daily hours of study, established routine and the means necessary to ensure that his education is fruitful and able to have the same possibilities as other children. Therefore it is very important to evaluate all the options, since in these times of pandemic, we are seeing the shortcomings that in one way or another affect all families.

At the moment, children have returned to school face-to-face without knowing how long they will continue, at least in Spain. Which does not mean that one should forget again about the possibility of teaching from home, because homeschooling, brings numerous benefits to the child. Among them, you can learn more efficiently, without having to share time with many other children, for example.

Because in these times of Covid-19, we are all learning to socialize in a very different way and in the end, children will learn to make friends even if they don’t relate at school. Prepare a small studio corner at home, with the materials and resources you can collect. Teach your child to study from home, to acquire study routines that in one way or another, will be beneficial for the future.