From the moment you know you’re pregnant, you start looking for information about food among many other things. At the doctor, you receive a lot of recommendations about it and usually women are usually well informed about food and nutrition in pregnancy. But once the baby comes to the world, the mother ceases to receive information on the subject, and many women are “alone in the face of danger.”

It is normal that many doubts arise as to what feeding should be like if you feed your baby with breastfeeding. Generally, you don’t usually find too much information from doctors unless you request it yourself. Therefore, doubts appear about the taste of milk or whether any food can be harmful to the baby, among others.

For these reasons, we are going to offer you some tips on healthy eating for moms who are in full breastfeeding. If this is your case, you will also find some options to create an ideal menu for this special stage.

Feeding during lactation

If you have followed a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, continue to do so now. True, you can already take foods that until now had “forbidden” such as sausages or sushi. But otherwise, your diet should be varied and balanced to keep you healthy. On the other hand, there are some products that you should not take while you are breastfeeding, in this article you will find information about it.

In addition, it is advisable that you include certain foods that provide you with a supplement of some fundamental substances such as calcium. Remember that the milk your body produces is perfect nutritionally for your baby, no matter what you eat. However, if you don’t feed yourself well you might notice shortcomings and problems arising in the future.

Should I eat more during breastfeeding?


really should not eat more, but better. That is, you need to stay strong and energetic, and this you get through food. However, it is recommended that nursing moms increase about 500 calories during this period. But be careful, always of healthy food and avoiding processed, sweet, fried etc.

A balanced and healthy diet during lactation should include:

  • Fruits, vegetables and vegetables: Thus you will get vitamins, minerals, fibers and folic acid, essential during this period.
  • Carbohydrates: To meet the energy needs of each day. Try to take those that are complex, such as whole grains, rice, bread, boiled potatoes etc.
  • Protein: Essential at least 2 servings daily, you get them from foods such as meat, fish or eggs.
  • Dairy: Essential to meet the needs of calcium, take between 4 and 5 servings daily. You can drink milk or derived products.
  • Essential Fatty Oils: Take fish with high Omega 3 content such as blue fish, virgin olive oil, nuts etc.

Menu Options for Nursing Moms

Here are some ideas with which you can form your daily menu. You can adapt it according to your tastes and preferences, taking into account the healthiest foods for you and your baby.


  • Coffee with milk + toast with white cheese and turkey meats + natural juice
  • Smoothie or fruit and vegetable juice+milk or soy drink
  • Oatmeal and banana pancakes + coffee with milk


  • Vegetable cream +grilled chicken breast +fresh fruit
  • Scrambled with asparagus, eggs and mushrooms + salmon to the placha + yogurt
  • Spaghetti carbonara +fruit salad


  • Whole grilled chicken sandwich, vegetables and light cheese + yogurt
  • Pumpkin cream + French omelette + natural pineapple
  • Homemade chicken or vegetable soup + grilled hake + yogurt

the middle of the morning you can drink a yogurt with a handful of nuts or a coffee with milk, provided it is decaf.

For the snack, it is best to resort to fruits such as apple or banana, which will satiate you and bring you energy until dinner time.

The important thing is that you try to take food as naturally as possible, as you will stay healthy while restoring your figure after pregnancy. And of course, you will offer the best food to your baby that is most important during this period.